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  • Jacques Offenbach - La Belle Helene (Philharmoniker Hamburg, Gerrit Priessnitz, Jun-Sang Han, Peter Galliard, Jennifer Larmore, Viktor Rud, Rebecca Jo Loeb, Dovlet Nurgeldiyev ...) [2015, Opera Bouffe, HDTV 720p]

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    La Belle Hélène
    opéra-bouffe en trois actes de Jacques Offenbach

    Philharmoniker Hamburg / Gerrit Prießnitz
    -Год выпуска: 2015
    Лейбл: NDR
    Жанр: Opera Bouffe
    Продолжительность: 01:56:29
    Язык: французский
    Субтитры: немецкие (неотключаемые)
    Режиссер: Marcus Richardt
    Pâris - Jun-Sang Han
    Ménélas - Peter Galliard
    Hélène - Jennifer Larmore
    Agamemnon - Viktor Rud
    Oreste - Rebecca Jo Loeb
    Achille - Dovlet Nurgeldiyev
    Ajax I - Sergiu Saplacan
    Ajax II - Benjamin Popson
    Calchas - Christian Miedl
    Bacchis - Anat Edri
    Léœna - Renate Spingler
    Parthoenis - Gabriele Rossmanith
    Choeur - Chor der Hamburgischen Staatsoper
    Dramaturgie - Kerstin Schüssler-Bach
    Mise en scène et chorégraphie - Renaud Doucet
    Direction musicale - Gerrit Prießnitz
    Orchestre - Philharmoniker Hamburg
    Jacques Offenbach - La Belle Hélène
    Opéra-bouffe en trois actes, livret de Henri Meilhac et Ludovic Halévy
    Доп. информация:
    Staatsoper Hamburg
    La belle Hélène
    La belle Hélène from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Philharmoniker Hamburg Official Site
    Gerrit Prießnitz
    Jennifer Larmore Official Site
    Jennifer Larmore from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Качество видео: HDTV 720p
    Контейнер: TS
    Видео кодек: H.264
    Аудио кодек: AC3
    Видео поток: Overall bit rate: 9 157 Kbps, 1280*720 (16:9), at 50.000 fps, AVC (High@L4.0) (CABAC / 4 Ref Frames)
    Аудио поток: German, 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, MPEG Audio (Version 1) (Layer 2)
    Аудио 2: French, 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, MPEG Audio (Version 1) (Layer 2)
    Аудио 3: Multiple languages, 448 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 2 channels, AC-3
    Аудио 4: 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, MPEG Audio (Version 1) (Layer 2)
    Источник: Digital Satellite > SkyStar HD2 (TechniSat) > raw data to HDD > Cypheros TS-Doctor > ts

    MediaInfo / BDInfo

    GeneralID : 8900 (0x22C4)Complete name : C:\arte HD_Jacques Offenbach ''La Belle Helene'' 2015.tsFormat : MPEG-TSFile size : 7.45 GiBDuration : 1h 56mnOverall bit rate mode : VariableOverall bit rate : 9 157 Kbps
    VideoID : 5111 (0x13F7)Menu ID : 10302 (0x283E)Format : AVCFormat/Info : Advanced Video CodecFormat profile : High@L4.0Format settings, CABAC : YesFormat settings, ReFrames : 4 framesFormat settings, GOP : M=8, N=32Codec ID : 27Duration : 1h 56mnBit rate : 7 670 KbpsWidth : 1 280 pixelsHeight : 720 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 16:9Frame rate : 50.000 fpsColor space : YUVChroma subsampling : 4:2:0Bit depth : 8 bitsScan type : ProgressiveBits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.166Stream size : 6.24 GiB (84%)
    Audio #1ID : 5112 (0x13F8)Menu ID : 10302 (0x283E)Format : MPEG AudioFormat version : Version 1Format profile : Layer 2Codec ID : 3Duration : 1h 56mnBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 192 KbpsChannel(s) : 2 channelsSampling rate : 48.0 KHzCompression mode : LossyDelay relative to video : -1s 148msStream size : 160 MiB (2%)Language : German
    Audio #2ID : 5113 (0x13F9)Menu ID : 10302 (0x283E)Format : MPEG AudioFormat version : Version 1Format profile : Layer 2Codec ID : 3Duration : 1h 56mnBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 192 KbpsChannel(s) : 2 channelsSampling rate : 48.0 KHzCompression mode : LossyDelay relative to video : -1s 148msStream size : 160 MiB (2%)Language : French
    Audio #3ID : 5116 (0x13FC)Menu ID : 10302 (0x283E)Format : AC-3Format/Info : Audio Coding 3Mode extension : CM (complete main)Format settings, Endianness : BigCodec ID : 6Duration : 1h 56mnBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 448 KbpsChannel(s) : 2 channelsChannel positions : Front: L RSampling rate : 48.0 KHzBit depth : 16 bitsCompression mode : LossyDelay relative to video : -1s 119msStream size : 373 MiB (5%)Language : Multiple languages
    Audio #4ID : 5117 (0x13FD)Menu ID : 10302 (0x283E)Format : MPEG AudioFormat version : Version 1Format profile : Layer 2Codec ID : 3Duration : 1h 56mnBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 192 KbpsChannel(s) : 2 channelsSampling rate : 48.0 KHzCompression mode : LossyDelay relative to video : -1s 139msStream size : 160 MiB (2%)


    ... info ...

    Inspiré par la mythologie grecque et les origines de la guerre de Troie, l’opéra bouffe d’Offenbach a donné lieu à une kyrielle de mises en scène et d’interprétations. La version moderne diffusée par ARTE a été créée par l’équipe franco-canadienne formée par André Barbe et Renaud Doucet. L’action se déroule à bord d’un paquebot à la fin des années 1960...
    Le succès de La belle Hélène ne se dément pas. Inspiré par la mythologie grecque et les origines de la guerre de Troie, l’opéra bouffe d’Offenbach a donné lieu à une kyrielle de mises en scène et d’interprétations. Lors de sa création en 1864, il fait scandale, tant la belle Hélène est peu vêtue. Le malicieux Offenbach a profité de la mythologie pour tourner en dérision la société conservatrice de son époque, avec des allusions érotiques qui, dans un autre contexte, auraient déclenché les foudres des censeurs. La version moderne diffusée ce soir a été créée par l’équipe franco-canadienne formée par André Barbe et Renaud Doucet. L’action se déroule à bord d’un paquebot à la fin des années 1960, alors que l’univers guindé de certains passagers croise celui de hippies aux rituels inattendus. Hélène et Ménélas forment un couple de petits-bourgeois en croisière. Monsieur s’intéresse plus aux statues kitsch qu’à sa femme. Jusqu’à ce que cette dernière reçoive sur la tête un plâtre d’Adonis. Assommée, elle se met à rêver… qu’elle est la belle Hélène !


    The second - and equally famous - of Offenbach's highly diverting satires on a well-known legend. The action takes place (without any regard for credibility) in unspecified ancient times in a unlikely ancient Greece, and concerns the abduction of the fair Helen by the Prince of Troy - aided and abetted by a wily oracle-worker, who outwits Helen's much deceived husband and an assortment of royal Grecian heroes. The score includes some of Offenbach's best-loved melodies.
    Story by Agathe Mélinand
    Act I Sparta
    The feast of Adonis is being prepared. The people are laying offerings on the altar, but Calchas, the Grand Augur, is disappointed at this cartload of flowers. He would like oxen and sheep for Jupiter, who is in one of his moods! Meanwhile Venus – well, since that Mount Ida affair!... 'Venus's augur will be doing big business'. Enter Helen of Sparta, with women mourning Adonis. On this day, the anniversary of the beautiful young man's death, they implore Venus: 'We must have love. Love is dying! Love is dead.'
    Alone with Calchas, Helen confides in him: she is obsessed with the Mount Ida story, and the shepherd, Paris. Didn't Venus promise him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world? And the most beautiful woman in the world... could that be any other than she? Ah, Fate! That Fate which burdens her and prevents her from having a peaceful bourgeois life with Menelaus! Calchas gets rid of Helen just as her 'darling nephew' Orestes enters. Accompanied by two girls who are no better than they should be, he tells us of his steamy time yesterday evening. Calchas sends him packing – he has 'an urgent sacrifice...' and can't risk the scandal if the jolly trio should be heard inside the temple. What would people say?
    Alone at last, Calchas is getting ready for the sacrifice when in comes a shepherd who speaks of
    Venus, and a letter... and lo! 'Up there, in the blue sky... that little spot which is getting bigger and bigger' is a carrier-pigeon laden with a letter. Venus writes to Calchas, commanding that Paris must meet Helen. The amazed augur recognises King Priam's son, who has seen the goddess. The High Priest cannot resist, he asks for 'a bit of an idea'. Paris complies: 'Listen to the story!'
    Helen now appears and is obviously smitten at first glance with this handsome shepherd. The meeting is cut short, for the festival is beginning. Enter the Kings of Greece, 'organisers of, and participants in, a 'day of intelligence'. In search of a strong intellect among those who are just strong, we meet the two Ajaxes, the ebullient Achilles, Menelaus and the bearded King Agamemnon. A charade and a rhyming game are both won by the shepherd, the outright winner of the contest. He reveals who and what he is: 'the chap with the apple', who is crowned by a weak-kneed Helen, whilst Menelaus invites him to dinner. At seven, Helen specifies: 'We eat at seven...' Paris wants to get her on her own. Calchas fixes it. A fake thunderclap and an improvised prophecy send King Menelaus off 'to spend a month in the mountains of Crete'. The entire court joins in the divine decree: 'Go on, may you arrive, Menelaus, at that distant land where, alas! the voice of destiny leads you!'
    Act II Helen's quarters
    Her attendants show her some marvellous gowns for the grand soirée for the
    kings. Marvellous, but revealing. Helen declines them; she would like something to 'hide my grace and beauty' so as to make it easier to resist falling in love with Paris. Better still, when he is announced, she tells her attendant Bacchis to ask him to wait, and retires for a moment to contemplate the portrait of her parents. After an invocation to Venus, who delights in 'bringing about the downfall of virtue', Helen feels better and has Paris shown in. When she resists him, despite his attempts at the two usual ways of seducing a woman, he leaves her, promising her there's a Third Way: 'by cunning'. The Kings enter, engrossed in their favourite pastime, the Great Goose Game, in the course of which Calchas is caught with his hand in the till: 'The Grand Augur is cheating'.
    The desperate Helen has had the number of slaves guarding her chamber doubled. She asks Calchas for a private audience. She will not go to the dinner: she fears her own weakness and is afraid of seeing Paris again. Only solitude and sleep will be her allies. She asks Calchas for a dream, 'a sweet dream in which I see him, this Paris I'm running away from, this Paris I adore'. The queen falls asleep, a slave enters the chamber; it is Paris in disguise. Since it's 'Fate', Calchas leaves him alone, taking Bacchis to dinner.
    Enchanted by Helen, Paris quivers with passion, and when the beauty awakens and sees him she thinks she is still dreaming – the dream which Calchas promised her... The love duet which followsis not taboo, because 'it's only a dream'! Alas, Menelaus, returning inopportunely from Crete, interrupts the sweet dream of love and, mad with rage, has the other kings brought in. In vain do they tell him a husband just doesn't come back home without warning; he won't listen. To calm him down, Agamemnon sends 'the vile seducer' back to Troy. But Paris threatens to come back, since 'Every shepherd must have his day'.
    Act III A beach at Nauplia
    Venus has had her revenge, putting the people of Greece in the grip of an erotic mania. 'Husbands are leaving their wives, wives are leaving their husbands' and those who do not agree can only go off to Leucadia and throw themselves over a cliff. Agamemnon and Calchas, embarrassed and freezing in their bathing costumes, are devastated. Enter Helen. She had come to this beach 'out of season' to look for peace and has grown heartily sick of the question Menelaus continually asks: why did she say 'it was only a dream'? Helen issues a threat of something even worse: 'I'll make you cry over the real thing.'
    Agamemnon and Calchas, seeing that Menelaus 'gives not a fig for his country's woes', say he should forget about being a husband and attend to being a king. The orgy must be stopped, Menelaus must 'sacrifice himself and give up his wife, humbly accepting the decree of the gods. Menelaus refuses; he has a better idea. Despite Calchas's tantrums, he announces the arrival of a parallel augur, the Grand Augur of Venus, who is from Cythera. The disguised Paris (for it is he!) now puts in to shore unrecognised, aboard a flower-decked galley. He first demands some jollity in their reception, then the sacrifice of a hundred white heifers, and finally the departure of Helen on a little voyage 'to a very pretty little island... Cythera!'. Menelaus agrees: it's not much to ask. Helen recognises Paris, she 'resists', and only finally goes on board the galley which 'is leaving for Cythera' when everyone says she must.
    Once away from the shore, the Grand Augur reveals his identity. It is Paris; he is carrying Helen off. Now she is his.

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    Jacques Offenbach - La Belle Hélène (Philharmoniker Hamburg, Gerrit Prießnitz, Jun-Sang Han, Peter Galliard, Jennifer Larmore, Viktor Rud, Rebecca Jo Loeb, Dovlet Nurgeldiyev ...) 2015
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