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  • (Post-Bop, Mainstream Jazz) ALDO ROMANO' New blood Plays "THE CONNECTION" - 2013, FLAC (tracks), lossless

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    Жанр: Post-Bop, Mainstream Jazz
    Год выпуска: 2013
    Формат: FLAC (tracks)
    Битрейт аудио: lossless
    Продолжительность: 38:50
    01. Who Killed Cock Robin
    02. Wigglin'
    03. Music Forever
    04. Time to Smile
    05. Theme for Sister Salvation
    06. Jim Dunn's Dilemma
    07. O.D. (Overdose)
    08. Murmur
    09. Conception
    10. Ballade for Jackie

    Об альбоме

    A new album for the drummer Aldo Romano, who at 70, is increasing hismusical collaborations. For someone who likes nothing more than playing with a new jazz generation, this new line-up is very well suited to him (25 year old saxophonist Baptiste Herbin, or the young Italian pianist Alessandro Lanzoni, best young solist at the international Martial Solal contest in 2010), and a safe bet: Michel Benita on double bass.
    In 1959, the “Living Theater”, co-directed by Judith Malina and Julian Beck, created the Jack Gelber play “The Connection”. This is a play within a play ; the producer Jim Dunn, and the writer Jaybird, want to show the unseen of the life of the addicts to hard drugs. They have one thing in common : the expectation of “the connection”, we would say the dealer today, which should give them the powder. This is a camera in a slum rented by a crazy man, Leach. There's four or five clueless in need and a jazz quartet that plays waiting for their dealer “Cowboy”. The play, which will become a film directed by Shirley Clarke in 1961, will be performed in New York, London, Los Angeles, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, the Living Theater and a jazz quartet led by pianist Freddie Redd and Jackie McLean on alto sax. The music is recorded by the “Blue Note” label in 1960. This record has obsessed me since that time, by the beauty of its themes but also, later, by my participation in 1961, with the McLean's quartet at “Chat qui Pêche” famous jazz club, and to the French version of the play directed by Jean Columbus, with in the role of Leach, John Herbert, who became famous comic deadpan Popeck. I played Ernie, a Puerto Rican completely crazy, frustrated drummer and saxophonist, Siegfried Kessler or Michel Graillier on piano, Jean-François Jenny Clark on double bass, Nathan Davis on tenor sax and me on drums. In 1968, at the disappeared Theatre des Arts and in 1969 at the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier, the play meets a critical success, but the subject is too sensitive to attract the general public. Today, with “New Blood”, I take back the music of Freddie Redd ; why have I waited so long ? Out of respect for the heavy toll paid by jazzmen of that time, dead drug addicts in the general indifference of a society that did not understand their music. And then, I must say that I am a miracle not to have fallen into drugs which I was surrounded by. Baptiste Herbin alto sax, pianist Alessandro Lanzoni and my partner Michel Benita bass, have given me the “New Blood”, the new blood I needed to offer you the music I love so much. (Aldo Romano)


    Aldo ROMANO - drums
    Michel BENITA - bass
    Alessandro LANZONI - piano
    Baptiste HERBIN - alto saxophone
    Доп. информация: В 1959 году была создана музыкальная пьеса "The connection", посвященная проблеме наркомании среди джазовых музыкантов, что было весьма актуально в то время. Она шла в Америке, Англии, Германии, Скандинавии, а спустя два года квартет Фредди Редда и Джекки Маклин записали на Blue Note альбом «The music from "The connection"». Молодой Альдо Романо участвовал в 60-х во французской постановке этой пьесы, и на своем новом диске он решил обратиться к музыке Фредди Редда (треки 1-7; 8 - А. Романо, 9 - Дж. Ширинг, 10 - Б. Эрбен) в компании "свежей крови": 25-летнего саксофониста Батиста Эрбена, итальянского пианиста Алессандро Ланцони (род. в 1992 г.; лучший молодой солист International Martial Solal Contest-2010), а также проверенного соратника Мишеля Бениты.
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