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  • [Pluralsight] Cisco CCIE Security: Addressing and Protocols [2014, ENG]

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    Cisco CCIE Security: Addressing and Protocols
    Год выпуска: 2014
    Производитель: Pluralsight
    Сайт производителя:
    Автор: Brandon Carroll
    Продолжительность: 5:30
    Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
    Язык: Английский
    Описание: The CCIE Security Written Exam is the qualifier for the CCIE Security Lab Exam. Candidates must demonstrate a solid understanding of fundamental networking skills before attempting the lab exam, and those skills include a knowledge of the IP Protocol, the TCP/IP stack, and basic routing fundamentals. This course reviews these technologies, focusing on important topics that must be understood by any CCIE Security candidate. This course is not designed to introduce new information, however, it covers information that should be very familiar to any candidate. As you complete these modules you will solidify your understanding of the TCP/IP protocol stack, RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP, and MP-BGP. I'll also give you a few tips to continue progressing toward CCIE Security certification.


    0101 Introduction
    02.Network Addressing Basics
    0201 Introduction and how IPv4 Addresses Are Structured
    0202 How IPv4 Addresses Are Represented
    0203 How IPv4 Addresses Are Allocated
    0204 How IPv4 Addresses Are Allocated Within an Organization
    0205 How IPv6 Addresses Are Structured
    0206 How IPv6 Addresses Are Represented
    0207 How IPv6 Addresses Are Allocated
    0208 IPv6 Web References and Summary
    03.OSI Layers
    0301 Introduction to Networking Models
    0302 OSI Model Overview
    0303 Encapsulation
    0304 Overview of Layer 7 to Layer 5
    0305 Layer 4 Detailed Overview
    0306 Layer 3 Detailed Overview
    0307 Layer 2 Detailed Overview
    0308 Layer 1 Overview
    04.TCP, UDP, and IP Protocols
    0401 Introduction
    0402 Handling Shortcomings and IP Header Overview
    0403 The Version and ToS byte
    0404 Total Length, ID, Flags, and Fragment Offset
    0405 The Fragmentation Process
    0406 More on Fragmentation
    0407 TTL
    0408 The Protocol Field
    0409 The IP Header Checksum
    0410 IP Options
    0411 Source and Destination Fields
    0412 UDP Concerns
    0413 Summary
    05.LAN Switching Part 1
    0501 Introduction
    0502 L2 Addresses
    0503 L2 Addresses on a Live Switch
    0504 Switch Flooding
    0505 Switch Forwarding
    0506 Switch Filtering
    0507 Broadcast Domain vs. Collision Domain
    0508 Configuring L2 Switching
    0509 L2 Switching Demonstration Lab
    0510 VLAN Overview
    0511 VLAN Configuration
    0512 Trunking Overview
    0513 Trunking Configuration
    0514 VTP Overview
    0515 VTP Configuration
    0516 Switch Lab Verifications
    0517 Default VLAN and Access Port Demonstration
    0518 Trunks and VTP Demonstration
    0519 End-To-End VLAN Demonstration
    0520 Summary
    06.LAN Switching Part 2
    0601 Introduction and Spanning Tree Overview
    0602 IEEE 802.1D Example
    0603 Configuring IEEE 802.1D
    0604 Overview of Rapid Spanning Tree
    0605 RSTP Port States
    0606 RSTP Convergence
    0607 Cisco Proprietary Details
    0608 STP Demonstration
    0609 Rapid STP Demonstration
    0610 Summary
    07.Basic Functions and Characteristics of RIPv2
    0701 Introduction and Distance Vector Overview
    0702 Comparing Routing Protocols
    0703 RIPv2 Characteristics
    0704 Basic RIPv2 Configuration and Authentication Overview
    0705 Configuring RIPv2 Authentication
    0706 Basic RIPv2 Configuration Demonstration
    0707 RIPv2 Authentication Demonstration
    0708 Summary
    08.Basic Functions and Characteristics of EIGRP
    0801 Introduction
    0802 EIGRP Review
    0803 EIGRP Characteristics
    0804 EIGRP Characteristics Continued
    0805 EIGRP Neighbor Discovery
    0806 EIGRP Tables
    0807 EIGRP Metric
    0808 EIGRP Configuration
    0809 EIGRP Authentication
    0810 Configuring EIGRP Authentication
    0811 EIGRP Routing Demo
    0812 EIGRP Authentication
    0813 Summary
    09.Basic Functions and Characteristics of OSPF
    0901 Introduction and Link State Routing Review
    0902 Link State Tables
    0903 OSPF Characteristics
    0904 OSPF Neighbor Adjacencies
    0905 OSPF Metric
    0906 OSPF Single Area Configuration
    0907 OSPF Multi-Area Configuration
    0908 OSPF Authentication
    0909 Configuring OSPF Authentication - Method 1
    0910 Configuring OSPF Authentication - Method 2
    0911 OSPF Routing Demo Part 1
    0912 OSPF Routing Demo Part 2
    0913 OSPF Routing Demo Part 3
    0914 OSPF Routing Demo Part 4
    0915 OSPF Routing Demo Part 5
    0916 OSPF Routing Demo Part 6
    0917 Summary
    10.Basic Functions and Characteristics of MP-BGP
    1001 Introduction and BGP Review
    1002 BGP Attributes
    1003 Establishing BGP Sessions
    1004 Establishing BGP Sessions With a Firewall in the Path
    1005 Basic BGP Configuration
    1006 BGP Authentication
    1007 Configuring BGP Authentication
    1008 BGP Demonstration
    1009 BGP Demonstration Continued
    1010 BGP Authentication Demonstration
    1011 Recommended BGP Lessons
    1012 Summary
    11.Next Steps in CCIE Security Preparation
    1101 Introduction
    1102 Take Good Notes
    1103 Note Taking Demo With Evernote
    1104 Build a Lab
    1105 The Topic List
    1106 Summary
    Формат видео: MP4
    Видео: MPEG-4, 1024x768 (16:9), 15,000 кадров/сек, 228 Кбит/сек
    Аудио: AAC, 44 КГц, 2 канала


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