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  • (Indie Rock/Electronic) Moonface - Discography - 2011-2014 (3 LP/1 EP) MP3, 320 kbps

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    Moonface • Discography

    Жанр: Indie Rock/Electronic
    Страна: Canada (Penticton, BC)
    Год издания: 2011-2014
    Label: Jagjaguwar/Paper Bag Records
    Аудиокодек: MP3
    Тип рипа: tracks
    Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
    Продолжительность: 02:52:30
    Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет


    Moonface • 2011 "Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped" (00:46:05) 320 kbps

    01. Return To The Violence Of The Ocean Floor 07:16
    02. Whale Song (Song Instead Of A Kiss) 08:04
    03. Fast Peter 08:02
    04. Shit-Hawk In The Snow 07:28
    05. Loose Heart = Loose Plan 06:39
    06. The Way You Wish You Could Live In The Storm 08:34
    Released 02 August 2011.

    Moonface • 2012 "With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery" (00:46:12) 320 kbps

    01. Heartbreaking Bravery 05:37
    02. Yesterday’s Fire 05:05
    03. Shitty City 03:58
    04. Quickfire, I Tried 05:51
    05. Not The Phoenix Yet 02:43
    06. 10,000 Scorpions 02:09
    07. Faraway Lightning 04:45
    08. Headed For The Door 07:37
    09. Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips 02:45
    10. Lay Your Cheek On Down 05:37
    Released 17 April 2012.

    Moonface • 2013 "Julia With Blue Jeans On" (00:48:47) 320 kbps

    01. Barbarian 06:37
    02. Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is The Ark 03:08
    03. Barbarian II 02:21
    04. November 2011 05:05
    05. Dreamy Summer 08:17
    06. Julia With Blue Jeans On 04:46
    07. Love The House You're In 05:24
    08. First Violin 04:26
    09. Black Is Back In Style 03:13
    10. Your Chariot Awaits 05:27
    Released 29 October 2013.

    Moonface • 2014 "City Wrecker" [EP] (00:31:25) 320 kbps

    01. The Fog 03:29
    02. City Wrecker 04:47
    03. Running In Place With Everyone 04:05
    04. Helsinki Winter 2013 08:29
    05. Daughter Of A Dove 10:33
    Released 16 September 2014.

    Об исполнителе

    Since January 2010, Spencer Krug (Born on May 4, 1977) has used Moonface as a venue for home-recorded instrumental and conceptual experimentation, expanding the ideas he developed collaboratively with Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Releases under this moniker have come quickly, each distinct from the other. The Dreamland EP and Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped were conceptual excursions merging instrumental and thematic fixations. After moving from Montreal to Helsinki, Krug teamed up with the Finnish band Siinai to create a lush rock record--2012's Heartbreaking Bravery--driven by the dark despair of a breakup. Staying in Helsinki, Krug set off on yet another creative departure, driven by a rediscovery of love and a reconsideration of the Moonface persona he'd created for himself. The quietly stunning Julia with Blue Jeans On is the fourth Moonface release, bringing a degree of intimacy and self-reflection unlike anything Krug has produced to date.
    There are only two sonic elements on Julia: Spencer Krug’s voice and his piano. Richly recorded, they interact seamlessly with one another. On the opening track “Barbarian,” the piano unfolds with the hypnotic energy of Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert, Krug’s right hand doubling his vocal melody. On the closing track “Your Chariot Awaits,” Krug’s voice recedes after a minute as the piano swells for an extended showcase with modern classical undertones. After nearly a decade, across a number of guises, we are well-acquainted with Krug’s inimitable town-crier vocals; on Julia, we are introduced to a facet of his musical skill that feels conservatory-trained. This is Krug as singer-songwriter, moving beyond star poses to a vision that is at once more elegant and comfortable.
    Or, in Krug’s own language, on “Barbarian II”: “I have chewed through my beautiful narrative.” Much of Julia is taken with this chewing. “Love the House You’re In” opens by masquerading as self-pity, with a statement that reads like a press release from someone who’s given up. “I regretfully withdraw my offer to try and improve myself,” Krug gently sings, establishing a self-reflexive foundation upon which he builds the album’s most universal, humanistic sentiment, and which he delivers via its most soaring melody.
    Purposeful self-evaluation is one tactic for reinvention, but as Krug illustrates on Julia’s title track, everyday occurrences can prove transformative as well. The sight of a woman, clad in denim, briefly visible at the bottom of a staircase, he learns, is capable of “obliterating everything I’ve ever written down.” “Julia” is an ode in the classical sense, pivoting around the beauty inherent in the most simple, taken-for-granted sights. Krug acknowledges this, opening the song by admitting that “it’s a madman’s game, making the commonplace unreal.” What he leaves out in this admission, however, is the key to the countless charms of Julia with Blue Jeans On: by expertly playing this ridiculous game, he can erase the madness that spawned it.

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