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  • (Vocal Jazz,Soul, Latin Jazz) Dee Dee Lavell - Sounds Of Love - 2014, MP3, 320

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    Dee Dee Lavell / Sounds Of Love-Жанр: Vocal Jazz,Soul, Latin JazzГод издания: 2014Аудиокодек: MP3Тип рипа: tracksБитрейт аудио: 320 kbpsПродолжительность: 00:50:33Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет-01. You're Everywhere02. Bird Of Beauty03. Why We Are Here04. Don't Explain05. Celebrate06. Creepin'07. Big Yellow Taxi08. Dindi09. Supernatural (Song For Maliq)10. Diamonds & Pearls11. Sounds Of Love-

    Об исполнителе (группе)

    "DeeDee Lavell is blessed with a rich voice that seeps into the soul where it stays put.” Georgina Reed, Writer & publicist.
    I have been through so many changes and I am so very positive & excited about my musical journey.
    I'm currently putting the final touches on my new album SOUNDS OF LOVE, scheduled for release August 5, 2014. Sounds Of Love is produced by long time friend & Master percussionist, Doc Gibbs who has worked with the likes of, Anita Baker, Al Jarreau, Bob James, Grover Washington Jr, and now I'm added to the list!
    The album was recorded in Philadelphia with engineer/producer, Craig White who was head engineer with Philadelphia International Records for 20 yrs. Sounds Of Love I believe is my best work by far.
    I recorded the tracks with Grammy winning artists as well as some incredibly talented local Philly jazz musicians. The first single off the album is the Billie Holiday classic,DONT EXPLAIN release date June 24, 2014 and I absolutely LOVED singing this song. Please check back for updates, scroll down the page and join or subscribe to my social networking sites and my mailing list.
    Thank you for visiting and remember to keep music a big part of your lives, we need music in our lives, It is real, it is alive and is a healer!
    Peace and blessings, DeeDee.

    Об альбоме (сборнике)

    Music made from love, latin/Brazilian versions of songs from artists I love and original songs about the people and the things I love. Produced by a legend of Philadelphia and master percussionist, Leonard 'Doc' Gibbs. Recorded in Philadelphia.
    Sounds of Love is a collective of love.
    Created with love, about the people we love, have loved, the things we love and the music we love.
    The love that came from making this album runs deep and eternal, from the friendships forged, to the passion of a new romance, to reminders of our loved ones by the special sounds that spark memories of them.
    The title track of the album was inspired by the memory of my late mother who was my best friend. When I was growing up, every morning she would bring me a cup of tea and I would wake up to the sound of a teaspoon stirring in the tea cup like a gentle, loving alarm clock. She was the epitome of love and I miss her everyday.
    I sing, write & listen to music because I LOVE music. I need music, I would be incomplete without it and so would many others.
    This album evolved, it took on a life of it's own and my hope is that u feel and hear the love inside of every note sung and every note played.
    I want 2 thank:
    Craig White 4 having, the patience, encouragement and a beautiful studio. It was absolute bliss singing with that very special Neumann microphone that u bought especially 2 record Ms Patti Labelle .
    Thank u 4 your creative contributions & care.
    Helen Bruner & Terry Jones 4 your creative marketing and also 4 your amazing background vocal arrangements & voices.
    The incredibly gifted musicians from Philly & NY. It was a pleasure to create music with you.
    Miguelli from Avocado Studios, Los Angeles. Thank's for your melodies, chords , beautiful string arrangements & for teaching me more about songwriting.
    Liza Ohlback for your inspiration, encouragement and your beautiful song. You started all this. My forever friend, I love you so very much.
    Kellie Knight at Mango Tree Media for your fantastic creative graphic artwork and your friendship. I love you.
    Doc Gibbs. We have been connected for many years and God makes no mistakes when He puts people together. Not only are you an incredibly gifted talent, but your encouragement, creativity and passion for your craft is inspiring. Your commitment to keeping the African American cultural heritage alive through education of our young is highly commendable. What an amazing journey we are on and continue to be on. U are a precious, joyful spirit and u are my forever friend. I love u on so many different levels. Who lives like us? We do !


    Leonard "Doc" Gibbs - percussion
    Adam Faulk & Aaron Graves - piano
    Nimrod Speaks & Lee Smith - Bass
    Rocky Bryant & Anwar Marshall - drums
    Guitar - Wendell "Pops" Sewell
    Liza Ohlback, Terry Jones & Helen Brunner - Background vocals
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