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  • (Blues, Electric Blues) Fathead - Fatter Than Ever - 2014, MP3, 320 kbps

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    Fathead / Fatter Than Ever
    Жанр: Blues, Electric Blues
    Страна: Canada
    Год издания: 2014
    Аудиокодек: MP3
    Тип рипа: tracks
    Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
    Продолжительность: 56:57
    1. I Don't Want To Leave The Party
    2. Johnny Says
    3. Take A Little Time For Yourself
    4. Evil Eye
    5. Twenty Second Chances
    6. When Did You Ever?
    7. Slippery Slope
    8. Life Goes On
    9. My Brother
    10. Better Off Taking Chances
    11. Shoot That Rooster
    12. Pinching Pennies
    13. Preacher Man
    14. Throw Me A Bone
    15. Cost To Boogie

    Об альбоме (сборнике)

    With two Juno Awards along with numerous other music industry trophies to their credit, FATHEAD has played the top blues rooms, concert halls and music festivals from coast to coast. Their sound is steeped heavily in the blues, married with elements of the best roots music, and possesses a unique ensemble sound that is immediately recognizable as their own.
    FATHEAD'S July 2014 release of "FATTER THAN EVER" features fifteen standout tracks courtesy of Canada's premiere Blues song writers, Al Lerman and Omar Tunnoch. With nine critically albums released to date and hundreds (thousands?) of crowd pleasing shows under their belts, it has become quite evident that Fathead may be the best blues /roots band to come out of Canada since Ronnie Hawkins hired THE BAND to become his backup group in the mid-1950s. An ultra-tight ensemble, Fathead brings together some of the most respected musicians in the country to create an energetic blend of blues peppered liberally with elements of r&b, funky, gospel-tinged soul and "feel good" rock'n'roll. Real Blues magazine referred to the group's harp and guitar-dominated sound as "one of those rare, much sought after, but seldom achieved, chemical/spiritual reactions that happens when all the right ingredients come together: talent, personality, humour, united vision and a little bit of hoodoo/voodoo". "The Toronto Star" praised Fathead when it commented, "If the blues were a sports league, Fathead would be the equivalent of an all-star team".
    FATHEAD formed in 1992, and the band has been tearing it up on the North American festival and concert hall circuit ever since - winning over new fans every time they play - making FATHEAD one of the country's top roots acts. Signed to the world renowned ELECTRO-FI RECORDS' imprint, two of their albums have won JUNO AWARDs (Canada's "GRAMMY") for "Blues Recording Of The Year" while two others garnered nominations.
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