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  • [английский] Dozois Gardner - Bestiary! / Дозуа Гарднер - Бестиарий! [2013, EPUB, ENG]

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    Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann - Bestiary!
    Название: Bestiary! / Бестиарий!
    Год выпуска: 2013
    Под редакцией: Dozois Gardner & Dann Jack / Дозуа Гарднер & Данн Джек
    Издательство: Baen
    eISBN: 978-1-62579-138-2
    Формат: EPUB
    Качество: eBook
    Язык: английский
    Релиз группы:
    "Bestiary" - средневековое собрание басен, сказок, аллегорий о животных; бестиарий (Новый большой англо-русский словарь).
    Эта антология фантастики - конечно не средневековая , а вполне даже современная, но, разумеется - о животных. Понятно, что о животных фантастических и мифических: драконы и единороги, гигантские морские змеи и пегасы, дриады и кентавры ...
    Позже будут и более специфичные антологии: отдельно о драконах, отдельно о единорогах и т.д. ...
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    Образец текста:

    Draco, Dracoby Tanith LeeYOU'LL HAVE HEARD stories, sometimes, of men who have fought and slain dragons. These are all lies. There's no swordsman living ever killed a dragon, though a few swordsmen dead that tried.
    On the other hand, I once travelled in company with a fellow who got the name of 'dragon-slayer'.
    A riddle? No. I'll tell you.
    I was coming from the North back into the South, to civilisation as you may say, when I saw him, sitting by the roadside. My first feeling was envy, I admit. He was smart and very clean for someone in the wilds, and he had the South all over him, towns and baths and money. He was crazy, too, because there was gold on his wrists and in one ear. But he had a sharp grey sword, an army sword, so maybe he could defend himself. He was also younger than me, and a great deal prettier, but the last isn't too difficult. I wondered what he'd do when he looked up from his daydream and saw me, tough, dark and sour as a twist of old rope, clopping down on him on my swarthy little horse, ugly as sin, that I love like a daughter.
    Then he did look up and I discovered.
    "Greetings, stranger. Nice day, isn't it?"
    He stayed relaxed as he said it, and somehow you knew from that he really could look after himself. It wasn't he thought I was harmless, just that he thought he could handle me if I tried something. Then again, I had my box of stuff alongside. Most people can tell my trade from that, and the aroma of drugs and herbs. My father was with the Romans, in fact he was probably the last Roman of all, one foot on the ship to go home, the rest of him with my mother up against the barnyard wall. She said he was a camp physician and maybe that was so. Some idea of doctoring grew up with me, though nothing great or grand. An itinerant apothecary is welcome almost anywhere, and can even turn bandits civil. It's not a wonderful life, but it's the only one I know.
    I gave the young soldier-dandy that it was a nice day. I added he'd possibly like it better if he hadn't lost his horse.
    "Yes, a pity about that. You could always sell me yours."
    "Not your style."
    He looked at her. I could see he agreed. There was also a momentary idea that he might kill me and take her, so I said, "And she's well known as mine. It would get you a bad name. I've friends round about."
    He grinned, good-naturedly. His teeth were good, too. What with that, and the hair like barley, and the rest of it—well, he was the kind usually gets what he wants. I was curious as to which army he had hung about with to gain the sword. But since the Eagles flew, there are kingdoms everywhere, chiefs, war-leaders, Roman knights, and every tide brings an invasion up some beach. Under it all, too, you can feel the earth, the actual ground, which had been measured and ruled with fine roads, the land which had been subdued but never tamed, beginning to quicken. Like the shadows that come with the blowing out of a lamp. Ancient things, which are in my blood somewhere, so I recognise them.
    But he was like a new coin that hadn't got dirty yet, nor learned much, though you could see your face in its shine, and cut yourself on its edge.
    His name was Caiy. Presently we came to an arrangement and he mounted up behind me on Negra. They spoke a smatter of Latin where I was born, and I called her that before I knew her, for her darkness. I couldn't call her for her hideousness, which is her only other visible attribute.
    The fact is, I wasn't primed to the country round that way at all. I'd had word, a day or two prior, that there were Saxons in the area I'd been heading for. And so I switched paths and was soon lost. When I came on Caiy, I'd been pleased with the road, which was Roman, hoping it would go somewhere useful. But, about ten miles after Caiy joined me, the road petered out in a forest. My passenger was lost, too. He was going South, no surprise there, but last night his horse had broken loose and bolted, leaving him stranded. It sounded unlikely, but I wasn't inclined to debate on it. It seemed to me someone might have stolen the horse, and Caiy didn't care to confess.
    There was no way round the forest, so we went in and the road died. Being summer, the wolves would be scarce and the bears off in the hills. Nevertheless, the trees had a feel I didn't take to, sombre and still, with the sound of little streams running through like metal chains, and birds that didn't sing but made purrings and clinkings. Negra never baulked or complained—if I'd waited to call her, I could have done it for her courage and warm-heartedness —but she couldn't come to terms with the forest, either.
    "It smells," said Caiy, who'd been kind enough not to comment on mine, "as if it's rotting. Or fermenting."
    I grunted. Of course it did, it was, the fool. But the smell told you other things. The centuries, for one. Here were the shadows that had come back when Rome blew out her lamp and sailed away, and left us in the dark.
    Then Caiy, the idiot, began to sing to show up the birds who wouldn't. A nice voice, clear and bright. I didn't tell him to leave off. The shadows already knew we were there.
    When night came down, the black forest closed like a cellar door.
    We made a ,fire and shared my supper. He'd lost his rations with his mare.
    "Shouldn't you tether that—your horse," suggested Caiy, trying not to insult her since he could see we were partial to each other. "My mare was tied, but something scared her and she broke the tether and ran. I wonder what it was," he mused, staring in the fire.
    About three hours later, we found out.
    . . .
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