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  • [Patch] Age of Mythology Extended Edition Update 3 [ENG] (1.6.2574)

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    ---Age of Mythology Extended Edition Update 3-Название игры: Age of Mythology Extended Edition
    Дата выпуска игры: 8 мая 2014
    Дата выпуска обновления: 17 мая 2014
    Автор/Разработчик: SkyBox Labs , Ensemble Studios
    Тип раздачи: Patch
    Требуемая версия игры: Update 2 (1.5.2363)
    Версия обновления: Update 3 (1.6.2574)
    Язык интерфейса: Английский
    Таблэтка: Присутствует (RELOADED)-Описание:
    Обновление для игры Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.


    Feature Improvements:
    Framerate improvements when users are at maximum population cap with units in build queue.
    Events modifications have been made to better handle large leaderboards.
    Events for resource gather now count in “tons” rather than single units.
    Resolved a bug in global chat room creation.
    Resolved a bug in global chat room display.
    A variant of the PAX scenario has been added.
    Mod Manager Improvements:
    Users can no longer publish other people's mods (should help remove inadvertent duplicates).
    Mod priorities now function.
    Mods higher up in the priority list now win any file conflicts against any mods below it.
    The Mod Manager will now properly detect and enforce when restarts are required.
    The Mod Manager reports correct status message upon publishing completion.
    Subscriptions no longer get applied repeatedly.
    Users are unable to unsubscribe to their own mods.
    Users can unsubscribe to mods from the Mod Manager.
    Unsubscribing deletes the mod from their local drive.
    The RMS files can now be modded and any games played with modded RMS files are unranked.
    The language string tables are properly applied via the mod manager.
    The history files can now be modded.
    The font choices (xFonts.xml, xFonts_*.xml) can now be modded. Note some fonts may not support all language typesets, especially double byte or character based languages.
    The sound files (taunts, music, unit sounds) are now properly respected by the mod manager.
    The Scenario and campaign files can now be modded.
    The file browser now has a button that switches to modded files.
    The file browser now shows which mod any particular file is from.
    General Bug Fixing:
    ELO is no longer lost when selecting save and exit.
    ELO is no longer lost for other players when someone is dropped from the Vote Dialog.
    A bug has been fixed that could cause ELO to be affected when playing custom scenarios.
    An Observer Mode crash has been resolved during lengthy games.
    The game no longer hangs when the Observer loses connection.
    Default resolution on first startup is now correctly 1366x768 and should alleviate some launch issues.
    The Easy Military Drag Selection setting now saves correctly.
    The Hud Transparency setting now saves correctly.
    The V-Sync setting now saves correctly.
    A bug has been resolved in the Unlock Camera setting toggle and should function as expected.
    Letterbox bars are now displaying correctly in campaigns across various resolutions.
    Lobby scroll bar is now aligned correctly.
    League maps now displaying correctly.
    History links now display correctly for campaigns.
    Post game statistics now track correctly when cancelling and rebuilding units.
    The “Eradicator of the Machine” achievement now correctly counts AI opponents rather than just games.
    Joining a full chat room now displays a message.
    Game Paused and Game Resumed text no longer overlaps.
    Double byte languages no longer appear corrupted.
    The game now uses Steam language setting when launching the game for the first time.
    Visual Polish:
    Titan gate icons display correctly on the mini map.
    Way point icons display correctly on the mini map.
    Town center icons display correctly on the mini map.
    Gold icons display correctly on the strategic map.
    Map icons display correctly on the lobby screen when restoring a game.
    Berry bushes no longer disappear when one becomes depleted.
    Smoke (and other particle effects) no longer flickers.

    Способ установки:

    ⇛ Запустить setup.exe, установить в стороннюю папку.
    ⇛ Скопиовать полученные файлы в директорию игры, соблюдая путь.
    ⇛ Содержимое папки Crack копировать в директорию установленной игры, с заменой.
    ⇛ Играть.


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