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  • Master of Orion [L] [GOG] [RUS / ENG / MULTI11] (2016) (48.3.1 1.2.30228)

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    Master of Orion [GOG] [RUS/ENG] [L] (2016) / Master of OrionГод выпуска: 25 августа 2016
    Жанр: Стратегия, TBS
    Разработчик: NGD Studios
    Платформа: PC
    Тип издания: Лицензия
    Язык интерфейса: Русский, English, český, Deutsch, español, français, 日本語, 한국어, polski, português, Türkçe
    Язык озвучки: Русский, English
    Только текст:
    Таблэтка: Не требуется
    Системные требования:
    ОС: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)
    Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.2 GHz
    Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
    Видеокарта: nVidia 240, ATI 4650, Intel Integrated HD 4000 or better
    DirectX: Версии 9.0c
    Место на диске: 15 GB
    Звуковая карта: DirectX 9 Compatible
    Дополнительно: Minimum Video Memory: 512 MB
    ОС: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)
    Процессор: Core i5/i7 or equivalent
    Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
    Видеокарта: 1024 MB DX9 Compliant with PS 3.0 support
    DirectX: Версии 9.0c
    Место на диске: 15 GB
    Звуковая карта: DirectX 9 Compatible
    Дополнительно: Recommended Video Memory: 1 GB
    Культовая космическая стратегия в жанре 4X возвращается! Новая глава легендарной саги Master of Orion готова вновь захватить воображение миллионов игроков.
    Преданные поклонники будут рады узнать, что возрождение игры проходит под пристальным вниманием разработчиков предыдущих частей серии совместно с NGD Studios из Буэнос-Айреса!
    Откройте для себя Master of Orion, каким он и задумывался: симфоническое звуковое сопровождение, межзвёздные сражения и освоение космоса на фоне прекрасных далёких галактик. Сопротивляйтесь враждебным цивилизациям, ведите переговоры с загадочными пришельцами, делитесь знаниями с союзниками и исследуйте этот творчески воссозданный мир.
    Вот лишь некоторые особенности, которые будут доступны при выходе игры:
    · все 10 рас оригинального Master of Orion, воплощённые в жизнь с помощью убедительного искусственного интеллекта и озвученные актёрами — обладателями наград;
    · более 75 исследуемых технологий;
    · гигантские галактики, вмещающие до 100 солнечных систем с мириадами звёзд и планет;
    · модифицируемые корабли с характерными для каждой расы дизайнами;
    · множество способов достичь победы, включая завоевание, технологическое превосходство, дипломатию и другие;
    · захватывающий игровой процесс, в ходе которого вы будете снова и снова повторять «ещё только один ход».ИГРА ОФИЦИАЛЬНО ВЫШЛА 25 августа 2016 года!
    Игра обновлена до версии 48.3.1 1.2.30228 (24 августа 2016).
    В раздаче присутствуют файлы Deluxe-издания "Терранское ханство" и "пиксельные корабли",
    ArtBook, ArtBook (mobile version), Soundtrack (FLACK) и MP3, musical score (3 tracks)
    а также дополнительные материалы, и
    Совпадений с прошлой раздачей НЕТ! Просьба перекачать торрент-файл!
    Господа благотворители, пожертвовавшие средства на раздачу, чтобы мы могли играть:
    • Intel-i - 400 руб.
    • STlNG - 200 руб.
    • NAMKU - 100 руб.

    Доп. информация

    Версия игры 48.3.1 1.2.30228 (24 августа 2016)
    Игра официально вышла из раннего доступа 25 августа 2016 года!

    Порядок установки

    1. Для установки самой игры запустить файл setup_master_of_orion_2.15.0.23.exe. Для установки дополнений необходимо запустить файлы setup_master_of_orion_retro_fleets_2.12.0.20.exe, setup_master_of_orion_terran_khanate_2.12.0.20.exe
    2. Следовать инструкциям установщика
    3. Играть
    Русский язык включается непосредственно в игре. Для этого необходимо зайти в настройки и переключить с английского на русский.


    Список изменений

    48.3.1 1.2.30228 (24 августа 2016) РЕЛИЗНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ ИГРЫ!

    Master of Orion - v48.3.1 Patch Notes
    25 АВГУСТА
    Greetings explorers,
    To coincide with the release of Master of Orion, we've published an update to the game. In addition to delivering the remaining content for Collector's Edition owners -- the digital art book, orchestral sound track and musical scores for three tracks -- we've also made further improvements to AI, the user interface, pirates and managed to get a highly requested feature implemented for release: custom races in multiplayer!
    Read on for the full patch notes, and please be sure to post your feedback in the Feedback & Suggestions section. As we said earlier this month, today is just the beginning -- there's plenty more to come, and your feedback will heavily influence what we do next.
    Master of Orion - v48.3.1 Patch Notes
    [Optimization] Several Turn Processing time optimizations
    [Camera] Increased zoom distance before abstract view in strategy mode
    [Score] New score system: details available in Path to Victory scorecard
    The AI can now engage neutral fleets inside its empire
    Improved how the AI prepares its defenses
    Improved AI voting when faced with targets for improved relationships
    General improvements in AI performance
    Improved pathfinding
    Improved population management
    Improved threat analysis
    Improved Production manager
    Added alternative retreat locations for civilians and military fleets
    If high priority targets are unreachable, fleets will fallback to retreat order to avoid idle in offensive mode
    [Pirates] Improved pirate AI
    AIs now don't pursuit Diplomatic & Economic Victories before their initial conditions are met
    [Espionage] Improved defensive spy allocation for aggressive races
    Improved Victory Condition Analysis
    Now AI considers spy missions when deciding when to build things
    [Galactic Council] AIs can now speculate about the election's result and vote accordingly
    AI now takes into account more factor for colonization
    AI is now smarter when rush buying if under threat or in a war
    AI now takes into account Gravity Generators when building
    AIs will now defend outside of their empire, and will fight for systems that they find interesting, for colonization or for strategic purposes
    Reduced scouts preponderance
    [AI] Rebalanced Long term payment considerations
    [Pirates] Improved pirate ships spawning
    [Strategy] Repair feature tweaks & rebalance
    [Pirates] Updated modifiers to take into account the match's Research speed, Production speed, and Difficulty settings
    [Tactical] Special opening now requires a minimum of 8 ships to avoid unwanted results
    Added game intro video
    Updated tactical intros: added planetary defenses
    Added feedback report for successful espionage missions against the player
    Security roll now guarantees different results for every mission, even on the same colony and turn
    Added Custom Race option to multiplayer matches
    [Tactical] Added engine sounds to the intros for both sides
    [Tactical] Increased volume to pre-combat music
    [Tactical] Updated Cam Missile effects
    [Music] Added situational music. War music added during war
    Plasma sound added
    [Tactical] Added tooltip to Enable AI checkbox
    Improved Victory Conditions scorecards information in Path to Victory screen
    Small tweak to ShipButton in FLEET CONTROLS, changing gradient to a solid background for better readability and consistency
    Added blackhole icons
    Added traits to match setup screen
    Added RESET TO DEFAULT in Options
    Added custom race icon
    Added Accept/Decline titles in Diplomatic exchanges
    Fix for The AI opens an empty negotiation box as an offer
    Fix for The game keeps processing after finishing the turn
    Fix for user names containing invalid symbols breaking custom race matches and GUI elements
    [Achievements] Fix for achievements dependant on race being unlocked with custom races
    [AI] Fixed Open Borders evaluation
    [AI] Fix for 1 turn lag in actions after war declaration
    [Controls] Fix for when the user changes gamepad configs and restarts the game. Clicking in-game objects with the mouse afterwards stopped working
    [Gamepad] Spy orders, fleet scrap now respond to confirm button. Added confirm button on keyboard as enter
    [Localization] Several localization updates (LA)
    [Localization] Fix for Accept Embassy (LA)
    [Localization] Fix for Mauler Device: Spanish translation (LA)
    [Localization] Fix for Tank and Armor Barracks text confusion
    [Localization] Fix for Inconsistencies in tutorial hints (LA)
    [Localization] Removed star as possible destination in Exploration Advice
    [Localization] Fix for Gravity Generators description update
    [Localization] Fix for Subtitles selection not being saved
    [OSX] Fixed resolution problems in OSX
    [SFX] Audio manager fix for sources auto-stopping unexpectedly
    [Tactical] Fix for the tactical ship visual target highlight
    [Tactical] Fix for the pop-up for the first battle sometimes showing when it should not
    [Tactical] Combat simulations between AI now run at slower to avoid incongruent results
    [Tactical] Fix for health bar glitches during the first camera transition
    [Tactical] Achilles Targeting System now only works for missiles (as intended)
    [Tobii] Handle error when eye tracking is not connected
    [Tutorial] Fix for Disabled options button in GuidedTutorial (Path to victory step)
    [Tutorial] Fix for Stuck tooltip on Tactical tutorial
    [Tutorial]Fix for Disabled hotkeys in tactical during guided tutorial
    [Tutorial] Fix for Disabled camera zoom in guided tutorial
    [Victory Condition] Fixed Tech Building value in Scientific Victory Condition Score
    [UX] Fix for auto-turn label appearing untranslated for a few seconds in new matches
    [UX] Placeholder icon added for Advanced Damage Control achievement
    [UX] Deleted lines with % in the votes counting bar
    [] Forced visible Cursor when the Login Screen shows loading state or the EULA
    [Pirates] Improved Pirates initial spawn to avoid pirates wipping out races before they reach warp
    Fix for Star Names not being colorized when colonizing
    Fix for Options translation missing (SP)
    Revised intro subtitles timing
    [UX] Fix for Tooltip doesn't show for Big Bang Seed
    Fix for Integrate infantry and armor upgrade unit icons
    [] Fix for If trying to change region during registration, a player will be switched to Log in screen
    Fix for Fix for planet tags not dissapearing
    [Gamepad] Fix for Joystick events assigned for camera block settings does not work on Tech Tree window
    [UX] Fix for Double Click not always working
    [Espionage] Fix for Maintain espionage widgets updated when spy status changes
    Fix for Switching from a Colony Manage Structure screen to a Navigation tool screen works wrong.
    [WG.Net] Fix for CapsLock on/off detection
    [Localization] Fix for Accept Embassy text
    Fix for If the user discover a tech in the same turn that finds one in an anomaly, in the discovery screen will only appear the ones from the anomaly
    Fix for If player disables his own race filter in Timeline Graph, in the next Graph visiting there will be no graph though race filter is visually enabled
    Fix for Buyout button will disappear from Empire screen if there will be a project that cannot be bought out last in the production queue.
    Fix for Sum of all GGP is less than 100%
    Fix for Terran Emperor scenario
    [Localization] Fix for Colonia de Humano in Latin American Spanish (SPA)
    [UX] Fixed alpha for several items in diplomatic audience
    Fix for Economic Data info disappears from Empire Management screen if Player clicks any Planet and then returns to Empire Management screen
    Fix for zoom showing very small colony widgets on Small Galaxy
    Fix for Empire Rings showing in StarSystem view for the new zoom distance
    Fix for There are 2 terraforming project in production selection screen
    [UX] Fix for Stellar Converter is not available for use on Battle Screen after Planet bombardment. It is available after Battle Screen reopening
    [UX] Fix for Sabotage notification does not fit
    [Cinematics] Mrrshan economic victory fix
    Fix for Close icon is overlapped by build button in Production queue
    Fix for Economic Data info disappears from Empire Management screen if Player clicks any Planet and then returns to Empire Management screen
    [WG.Net Login] Fix position in Error message helpers
    [] Fix for Certain texts become barely visible on smaller resolutions
    [AI] Fixed move and hold, declare war and attack in the same turn
    Fix for Ship Model doesn't change
    Fix for The total space used value doesn't refresh when the user clicks on the Battle Pods
    [AI] Stop sending "Do not make deals with my enemies" warning if the player is trying to improve the relationship with this race
    [AI] The AI's autobuild now considers lithovores when building food buildings
    Fix for Missing key in a pollution notification
    VerifyPath was returning passable paths that were actually blocked.
    Fix for Formation in Tactical Battle not working correctly
    [AI] Fix for colonization considering pirates in a galaxy without pirates
    [UI] Fix for Mousing over some custom race perks does not trigger tooltip appearance
    Fix for New icon added for Asteroid Mine
    Fix for "Abstain" term breaks grammar rules in some languages
    Fix for Accept Embassy could use the RACE NAME to avoid confusion
    Fix for Incorrect label for Disengage functionality in fleet commands (EN)
    Fix for key added "DEAL_ITEM_ACCEPT_RACE_EMBASSY
    Fix for Ship list will go up if player scrolls the list which contain lots of units in Tactical
    Fix for Missing keys in the Missions Pop-up
    [Localization] Fix for Confusing tooltip for targeting (firing) range slider
    [Localization] Fix for Illogical message in tech node popup (EN)
    [Tactical] Fix for cloaking visual fx (hover, abstract view, etc)
    [UX] Fix for Missing localization keys for ship weapons icons tooltip when mousing over frigate x5 and destroyer x5 weapon on Build screen
    [Tooltips] Add treaty name in treaty tooltips
    Fix for Upon clicking Show only flagged the list won't show flagged enemy planets
    [] Fix for Text in some buttons is misalgned
    [UX] Fix for Missing icon for Armor Barracks on the 'Colony assault at' screen. Also, small UI tweaks
    [Galaxy Generation] Fix for Force orion's two moons
    [UX] Fix for Races icons do not fit the hexagon in currently selected fleet window
    [UX] Fix for Reuse of risk level keys in Spy Missions window causes grammar mistake
    Fix for High-Energy Focus doesn't increase combat stats
    [Tactical] Fix phasing cloak
    Fix for Total Hull points are calculating wrong if a player uses Reinforced Hull
    [Crashfix] Fix for When loading specific savegame
    Fix for Steam cloud save cannot be loaded if there is no a local savegame
    Fix for GNN for detected space monsters appears only for the very first one
    Fix for Auto-Explore button becomes inactive between 7th and 8th turns
    Fix for Tech tooltip should be shown when exchanging techs
    [UX] Fix for Some modules stat icons are missing in Ship Design
    Fix for Capitol tooltip image goes beyond the screen upon selecting it on Manage Structure interface on Colony Management screen.
    [Tactical] Fix for pause overlay during intro
    Fix for Multi-Phased Shields description is wrong
    Fix for Total Hull points are calculating wrong if a player uses Reinforced Hull
    Fix for There will be no weapon mini-images in blueprint information on Build screen when the blueprint is equipped only with weapon with modifiers
    Fix for Visual displaying of monster weapon area of effect doesn't match to its facing settings
    Fix for When Doom Star equipped with Stellar Converter and Troop Transport and min.24 Marines on board, textures overlap each other
    [UX] Fix for Battle ships tags on galaxy map and in the Fleet window are slightly different
    [UX] Fix for There is overflowing text on 'Don't colonize close to us' audience screen
    Fix for Unpausing the game via increasing speed button does not remove 'Game Paused' insription
    Fix for Inconsistency in the Pollution Icon and its tooltip
    [UX] Fix for 'Upgrate All' button goes beyond 'Upgrade Multiple Blueprints' window for certain languages
    Fix for Player is able to continue multiplayer game after technological victory achieving, if the is loaded
    [UX] Fix for There is incorrect text tip in Space Factory Build screen
    [UX] Fix for Space cannot be pressed after the word in multiplayer game name
    Fix for Disable autobuild when a colony changes owner
    Fix for Space monster detected without being displayed.
    [UX] Fix for The third digit in amount of ships is cut off on the top panel in Tactical Battle.
    Fix for Display "-" sign when assimilation won't progress
    [AI] Fix for defend sort that would not consider primary target at equal Defense quota
    [UX] Fix for Fleets Management screen information is not updated in realtime
    [UX] Fix for Empire Management screen overlaps Galactic Stock Market screen
    [UX] Fix for The ship's name can overstep its boundaries
    [Tooltips] Fix for Remove + sign in total security value if security rating goes negative
    [UX] Fix for Cannot deploy more than 15 marine battalions
    Fix for Players are able to construct buildings for Technological victory even if it is not present in default settings though it displays in Path to Victory. Victory cannot be achived though players can gather its points.
    Fix for If a player loads a save that was made on 300+ turns it will become impossible to start a new game
    Fix for an % appearing in the wrong place in some deals description at the trade table
    [Controls] Fix for Multiplayer Chat doesn't lock input anymore, new approach implemented
    [Cutscenes] Optimized intro video for faster playback
    [Cutscenes] Fix for Escape key spamming causing issues during intro video
    [Localization] Fix for localized keybinds not being shown
    [Localization] Fix for "On" and "Off" appearing instead of "Prendido" and "Apagado" in some options
    [Localization] Fix for Mrrshan Welcome Advisor typo
    Fix for Scrap tooltip not appearing in the system view
    [Tactical][Art] Fix for ships highlight
    [Tactical] Fix for the pause overlay appearing during intros
    [Tactical] Fix for the pause overlay appearing during intro
    [Tactical] Fix for Combat chances against Space Dragon now correctly calculated
    [UX] Fix for Audience screen becomes blurred

    47.0 + 47.0.1 1.2.29294 HOTFIX (11 августа 2016)

    Master of Orion - v47.0 Patch Notes + v47.0.1 Hotfix
    Greetings Explorers,
    Today we’ve released an update for Master of Orion. This brings the official game version to 47.0. Due to character limits in Steam news articles, we were unable to include the bugfixes in this post.
    Click here to read through the list of Bugfixes.
    Master of Orion - Patch Notes v47.0 + v47.0.1 Hotfix
    Master of Orion - v47.0.1 Hotfix
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the game from loading based on the system language
    Updated algorithm to calculate victory chances before a battle
    Added Random start conditions for the game if balanced starting conditions is unchecked
    Added QuickSave shortcut (Ctrl+S)
    Autosaved game is now available for loading from the save game list
    Rotate planet on planet full view
    Added navigation buttons handlers per screen, quick shortcuts, and mouse inertia on stop
    Updated how jump gates work: now it is possible to use an ally jump gate to travel across. The condition is that both source and destination points should have a jump gate from the same owner
    Now Random Breakthrough events unlock the whole node if it is a branched node
    Updated auto turn logic to interrupt it if the player has fleets that need orders
    Pausing now does not change the default camera
    Homeworld Size added as an available trait in Custom Race
    The AI is now better at managing the population of new colonies
    The AI is now better at using Civil Transports
    The AI is now better at dealing with races they have a grudge with
    The AI is now better at choosing targets of opportunity
    The AI is now better at judging when relationships are going sour
    Distance to a planet is now a factor for a planet's rating consideration for the AI
    The AI now considers War priorities on all its decisions
    Revamped Local War logic, the AI is now much better at it
    The AI considers Defensive War as a type of War for production considerations
    Improved engagement algorithm for the AI
    Expansionism trait is now taken into account to select which colonies should build a Colony Ship
    Streamlined & Refactored Invasion Logic
    Added Invasion Target heuristics
    The AI production Manager now buys according to project priority
    Changed default Game Pace to Quick
    Rebalanced Sakkra traits (+50% population growth, repulsive trait added)
    Extended Pirate spawning rate
    Re-balanced the point cost of all traits in custom race creation
    Diplomat trait morale reduced from 10% to 5%
    Reduced Terran morale trait from 20% to 15%
    Removed Militaristic trait from Alkari
    Restored Improved Negotiation trait to Mrrshan as intended
    Increased Robominers maintenance cost from 3 to 5
    Increased Deep Core Mine maintenance cost from 5 to 10
    Increased Star Fortress maintenance cost from 3 to 8
    Increased Orbital Shipyard maintenance cost from 2 to 4
    Increased Space Academy maintenance cost from 4 to 5
    Increased Global DNA Scanner maintenance cost from 2 to 4
    Increased Interplanetary Security Transmitter maintenance cost from 5 to 7
    Increased Alien Management Center maintenance cost from 1 to 4
    Increased Astro university maintenance cost from 4 to 5
    Increased Holo Simulator maintenance cost from 2 to 4
    Increased Pleasure Dome maintenance cost from 3 to 6
    Increased Planetary Radiation Shield maintenance cost from 1 to 3
    Increased Planetary Flux Shield maintenance cost from 3 to 6
    Increased Planetary Barrier Shield maintenance cost from 5 to 10
    Increased Space Academy production cost from 220 to 300
    Increased Planetary Stock Exchange production cost from 220 to 300
    Increased Holo Simulator production cost from 140 to 160
    Increased Pleasure Dome production cost from 380 to 400
    Reduced Planetary Radiation Shield production cost from 185 to 160
    Reduced Robominers production cost from 185 to 180
    Reduced Artemis System Network production cost from 700 to 500
    Pleasure Dome now upgrades Holo Simulator
    Space Port no longer gives +1 Credits per population
    Government support facility morale value reduced to 10%
    Klackon homeworld biome changed to Arid
    Uber transformation modified: Cavernous project now can be applied on Desert and Arid biomes
    Adjustments to Defense Rating formula to better reflect its usefulness
    Reinforced Hull rebalance (Multiplier changed from x1.25 to x1.5, it now gives 50% of Base Hull as Bonus HP)
    Rebalanced Eel to make it less overpowered
    Rebalanced the Squid to make it less of a weakling
    Rebalanced the Guardian of Orion so it can be taken on during mid-game:
    Xentronium HPx 4 -> 2.25
    Xentronium baseCost 11 -> 5
    Death Ray CD 8 -> 5
    Death Ray Damage 46 -> 20
    Death Ray Steps 8 -> 3
    Death Ray ArP 35 -> 20
    Death Ray Cost 25 -> 20
    Death Ray Size 30 -> 20
    DR: 12 DPS, 0.6 DPS/PP, 0.6 DPS/Size
    Plasma Beam Cost 15 -> 22
    Plasma Beam Steps 4 -> 5
    PB: 16.67 DPS, 0.76 DPS/PP, 0.67 DPS/Size
    Shield Class VII -> V
    Armor Adamantium -> Xentronium
    Base Hull 2000 -> 1500
    Space 2500 -> 2000
    Blueprint Tweak (PD 30->15, Adjusted Size Prio)
    Added Turbine glow FX to colonization ships
    General localization updates
    Improved cinematics subtitles synchronization
    Fleet animations are skipped when they happen out of camera for faster turns
    General texture optimization for faster loading times
    Updated UI sounds
    Updated sounds for Tactical mode
    Updated sounds for Strategy mode
    Updated volume levels
    Added zoom@gaze functionality to tactical battles
    Added new tutorial steps including Tactical mode and pirates
    Added a special advisor when the first colony ship visits a bad planet
    Added style of play selection pop-up before the first Tactical Battle
    General improvements: checkbox colliders now occupy all the text zones also, for easier, more intuitive clicking
    TechApps icons are bigger now and rollover state has changed so they don't grow anymore (feedback is a light highlight now)
    [Tactical] Improved Tactical mode selection for better feedback
    [Tactical] Clearer feedback for the Move action
    [Tactical] Camera can now be moved with keyboard arrows, and rotated with camera modifier key
    [Tactical] Added cursors for camera pan and rotate
    [Strategy] Added cursors for camera pan and rotate
    [UX}[Advisor] Added checkbox on advisor popup to disable all advisors. Can be re-enabled from options.
    Revised Uppercase/Lowercase use in titles
    Abstain button moved below the other "vote for" buttons to avoid accidental click when trying to skip
    Updated custom race selectors with the latest style
    Made techapps descriptions larger
    Tweaked ETA label positions in strategy view
    [Pirates] Updated Pirate destroyed reward popup, added a header image
    Updated ship buttons to be consistent with the new style.
    Renamed "DONE" button to "SAVE" since it is an action button and "DONE" is not an action
    Updated filters buttons graphics
    Updated and added pop-up headers
    Improved buttons and titles
    Added autosave text to default Save
    Custom Race UI improvements
    Added new headers for monster pop-ups
    Removed the horrible orange background of the current build in the colony row
    New icons for Weapons Mods
    Unified loading screens style
    Dialogue box improvements in audiences
    Added race traits to Diplomacy screen
    New cleaner layout for battle results
    Improved gravity feedback on planet tooltip
    [Tooltips] Added tooltip to fleet tab showing fleet details, ship types and amount
    [Tooltips] Command points cost for Ship Blueprints are now calculated to reflect bonuses from structures in Build Pop-Up and tooltips
    [Tooltips] Updated Technology Node tooltip changing content order. Unlocks info is moved before Cost
    [Tooltips] Balanced Starting Game tooltip update
    [Tooltips] Added Match Setup Tooltips (22 июля 2016)

    Master of Orion - Patch Notes v46.4.1
    Greetings Explorers,
    Today we released a hotfix patch to address some of the issues you've reported since version 46.4 went live last week. Below you can find the patch notes.
    - Fixed a soft-lock that could be caused by the AI declaring war under certain conditions
    - Fixed a soft-lock that could be caused by hitting the ESC key in the Galactic Council
    - Fixed a bug preventing Tactical orders from being issued while the mouse cursor was moving
    - Fixed a bug that caused the player to lose control of their fleet in Tactical when ships were equipped with the Automated Repair Unit
    - Fixed a bug that caused the AI to stall when two different fleets bombard and invade the same colony
    - Fixed issues with colony management tooltips that caused them to display racial trait bonuses/maluses incorrectly (18 июля 2016)

    Master of Orion - Patch Notes v46.4
    Welcome to Early Access 6! I have to keep this short because we're near the character limit, so read on for the patch notes! For the bugfixes, please visit this forum thread.
    Master of Orion - Patch Notes v46.4
    Added gamepad support
    Added options for Start button, new navigation bindings, tactical camera modifier
    L1 + right stick rotates tactical camera
    Added Tobii eye-tracking support
    Added profile for Logitech keyboards
    Added Steam Cloud support for saved games
    Race-specific civilian transports can now be built to improve assimilation gameplay
    Added auto-turn option
    Added 100 achievements
    New and improved tutorial
    Updated cluster galaxy visuals
    Small improvement to planet rating regarding max pop. size
    Changed fleet repair and upgrade logic, to allow it on any colony owned or from an ally or any finished node development with a military structure
    Updated logic for learning techs via perks
    Blueprint limit is now increased when discovering a new blueprint
    Added victory cutscenes for every race for the Conquest, Technological and Economic victory conditions
    Game Setup
    Added new Game Pace option that uses predefined Research, Production and Population Growth speeds; pacing can still be manually set in Advanced Options
    Added perks validation when creating a custom race
    Additional options added for Research, Production and Population Growth speed
    Improved planet evaluation for colonization
    Fix for invasion issue where it was regrouping next to the target and it would expect "already moved" ships to move with the invasion forces, but they were exhausted and they couldn't
    Improved strategic analysis
    Heat maps are now connected to memory system
    Improved Share Charts evaluation to account for revealed colony information
    Improved Alliance evaluation to consider alliances imply a vote in the Galactic Council
    AI will now offer Share Charts in a smarter way
    Improved Invasion by building closer to targets
    Improved Bombard by considering invasion targets
    Improved heat map by considering only dynamic FP (making the AI more aggressive)
    Workers optimization for military outpost construction according to heat map. Now also considers war when settling colonies.
    Fix for colonization and unreachable planets
    The AI now focuses on colony expansion in their early stages before starting research
    Protects new colonies from pirates, considers hostile firepower when colonizing and tries to build escorts
    Production Focus will be set when building ships and at war, or terraforming
    New colonization & civil transports heuristics and AI flow: Avoids low food production planets,
    Optimized Needs for security and economy, better handling of pirates by AI races
    Removed duplicated targets for blocking fleets
    Rebalanced Alkari so that they build heavier ships
    Revamped combat victory chance heuristics
    Shield & Armor Rescaling
    Increased Base Armor Cost (2/3/4/5/6/7 -> 2/4/6/8/10/11)
    Increased Base Shield Cost (4/5/6/7/8 -> 4/7/10/16/20)(Higher Shield Tech remains increasingly more SP per Size Efficient, Shields and Armor Tech now become increasingly less HP/SP per PP efficient)
    Battle Pod changes
    Added a Size Cost to Battle Pods (Base Size 0 -> 20, size Factor 0 -> 1)(Battle Pods are now less suited for Frigates and Destroyers, more efficient in Larger Hulls)
    Guardian of Orion changes
    Hull Space Reduced (3000 -> 2500)
    Hull Points Reduced (3000 -> 2000)
    Terraforming incremental cost factor reduced from 2 to 1.5
    Fixed Gravity Tolerance costs
    Balanced food requirements per planet size
    Pirate spawn rates are now connected to game difficulty
    Food requirement curve adapts to changing population limit instead of using final planet capacity
    Rebalanced Share Charts so that it's not so exploitable
    Rebalanced Accept Embassy option to make symmetric deals easier
    Balance Tweaks:
    CO Mod Cost & Size (0.5 -> 0.25)
    Lightning Field Base Size (4 -> 2)
    Augmented Engines Size (5/2.5 -> 4/2.2)
    Fixed conservative rule about hostile systems that blocked the movement of scouts with auto explore on the presence of pirates
    Nebula missile avoidance bonus changed from 100% to 50%
    Changed strafing to look more natural
    New abstract representation in zoomed-out view
    Added specific Blueprints for each Race when played by AI
    Ship health bars now display with mouseover
    Pixel ships FX & Prefabs fixes
    Battle results: Beam accuracy and PD accuracy changed
    Trails are now solid lines instead of dotted
    Added Battle Pods to Player Destroyer as an Improvement
    Transition intro is now mirrored depending on which side the player is placed
    Added confirmation before declaring war
    Disposition changes are now highlighted in the UI
    AI in multiplayer from load will now automatically connect
    Colonies with a star base now have an icon in the galaxy view
    New design for most buttons in game
    Victory chance and power are now shown for colonies on mouseover
    Diplomatic information toggle is now saved
    Improved cell modifiers feedback in colony management
    Improved planet degradation Feedback
    [Ship Design] Added Upgrade All button
    Added filter to selection of colony where to request invasion ships
    Added Auto turn beside the TURN counter
    Added colonize icon to colonize button
    Improvements in audience screen
    Flipping combat assets horizontally so they match the civilians assets facing left
    New in-progress animation for planet and build popup
    Now Population circle in Colony widget becomes red when starving
    Renamed SHIP DESIGN button to BLUEPRINTS for consistency
    Workers now show a "+" icon when the number is bigger than the one displayed
    Added icon space factory in references of tech-tree
    Fix for Equipped core system modules icons can overlap module scrap hint
    Added notification for loading a game from main menu when a current game is in progress
    Add new icons tooltip for tactical
    Added confirmation dialogs for new game, load and exit if unsaved changes will be lost
    Added notification for loading a game from main menu when a current game is in progress
    Art pass for tutorial widgets and positions
    New icon Anti-Gravity Harness for tech apps
    Added diplomacy icon for empire top bar
    Added icon for electronic computer in tech apps
    Added bg to each button in the Empire top bar
    Added URGENCY PULSING ANIMATION to Food widget when starvation occurs
    [Colony Management] Colonies are now shown in alphabetical order when pressing next and previous colony buttons
    Added sounds: Wormhole, Jump Gate, Ship Specials, Repair Beam and Pulsar Fire
    Added Star Map click on planet
    Added audio for Scientific and Conquest victory cutscenes
    Added Audience Sounds for Bulrathi Emperor
    Updated background for cluster galaxies
    Subtitles language is now independent from UI and Voices
    Subtitles added to research screen
    Added demonyms keys
    Marine Pods description fix (removed the "marines defend the ship and board enemy ships" bit)
    Updated localizations
    [RU] VO: Silicoid Advisor updated. Now it has the same sound effect as the english version
    Victory subtitles synchronization (ENG/SPA) (30 июня 2016)

    Master of Orion Version 45.6 Patch Notes
    Greetings Explorers,
    After reading your feedback and careful consideration we are making additional adjustments to population growth.
    Here is a high level overview of the changes in today's update:
    We've slightly increased food requirements for population growth in general and we doubled them when the colony is about to become full (to compensate for all the food/pop. growth structures on a mature colony)
    We've balanced the production cost for the tier one structures to make the choice between them more balanced and meaningful
    We added the Colony Base (+1 Food only) as a tech application on the second tier (Deep Space Exploration)
    We slightly improved food output for Class A and Class B planets
    Please take a look at the patch notes below for full details.
    Master of Orion - Patch Notes 45.6
    +1 Food added to Colony Base
    Colony Base is now a 2nd tier tech
    Colony Ship now carries 2 Food units by default (Starting Food Supply set to 2)
    Fungal Farms moved to Biotechnology
    Population Growth min and max values re-balanced
    Automated Factory, Hydroponic Farm, Research Lab and Biospheres production cost modified
    Food multiplier factor increased for Ocean, Terran, Gaia and Uber biomes
    Implemented asymmetric colony growth formula
    Tweak for population growth values
    Terran racial biases modified (AI-related change)
    Refresh food output calculation on new colonies after their starting structures have been deployed
    [CombatScreen] Victory Chance now uses the same (new) formula for both Defending and Attacking (before it was using the old formula if you were the defender)
    Master of Orion Version 45.4 Patch Notes
    Greetings Explorers,
    Today we've released a hotfix patch to addres some issues that were discovered since version 45.3 released on June 24th.
    - Fixed bug that prevented Diplomatic Tone from being updated after gifting something to the AI
    - Fixed Open Borders and Offensive Pact checking the incorrect side of deal for Accept Embassy
    - Halved AI evaluation of Accept Embassy if the AI already has an embassy
    - Fixed Alkari Emperor tie animation in Galactic Council

    Patch (24 июня 2016)

    Welcome to Early Access 5!
    We have an update from the game director coming later today, so we'll keep this short and let you get right into the patch notes.
    Please note: While save files from previous versions should work with this build, we recommend starting fresh to fully experience the changes in this update. This is especially important when it comes to colony and empire management feedback, as there are some substantial balance changes--particularly in the early parts of the game.
    Master of Orion - Patch Notes v45.3
    Fixed combat chances so it is not affected by Civilian Ships
    Changed retreat position to use the fleet's last Node filtered by canTravelTo
    Added Stop camera re-focus during AI turn as an option
    Added Timeline option to game setup to control how frequently the game is saved, including the ability to disable the Timeline
    Pirates can now build Cruiser-class ships (Ravager)
    Space Monsters will now roam within their star system and attack settled colonies
    Added Victory Scenes placeholders
    Pirate colonies now spawn near every major race, not only player controlled ones
    19 achievements were implemented
    It is now possible to choose a random race and set your opponents to random in game setup
    Easy and Extreme difficulties have been added
    Excellence has been renamed Score to better convey the type of victory condition it is
    Many additional technologies now require a decision
    Custom race creation has been updated with new traits, and the point costs have been adjusted to coincide with 10 starting points, rather than the previous system's 100
    Artificial Intelligence
    Colony ships will move and colonize in the same turn now
    Additional improvements have been made to colony management AI
    Personality now factors into colony needs
    AIs now use heuristics when deciding in which colony to build System Unique Research Buildings
    Refresh Strategic Analysis before evaluating a deal, to avoid strange behaviours
    Updated General Strategy: if a civilization is still marked as Bad Relations or Opportunity, then continue war
    Economy Manager now handles different reserves. Each AI transaction is validated against the specific reserve
    Exposed Threshold for Cold War Disposition
    Added Assist, useful for escorting civilian ships (Colony Ships and Transports)
    Added Fleet: Destination pair matching algorithm with ETA Cache
    Improved report on AutoPlay AI
    Considers racial tech biases when trading techs
    Improved evaluation of Offensive Pact, will now consider warInclination trait if ally
    Allies will be twice as likely to accept an Offensive Pact
    AI now builds Scientific Victory buildings and buyout buildings more smartly
    Improvements for research evaluation algorithm, will consider blackboard requests with more importance
    Updated Investment Strategy to try to stop others from winning
    Ship building now considers war status.
    Invasion will now consider hostiles in their path to destination, it will request assistance and assemble a convoy in order to complete its mission
    AI will pick the one it's angriest at and is weakest, when picking bad Relations
    We have overhauled many race traits in the game and have introduced new traits for a number of races, including the iconic Creative and Uncreative
    Trade Goods project is now available at the start of the game
    Population growth has been adjusted
    Maintenance cost removed from Colony Base
    Colony Base no longer provides a bonus to Research, Food or Production
    Deep Sea Cooling can no longer be built on the Swamp biome
    Technology Victory formula modified. Now Research Score factor is 0.25 instead of 1
    Made global balance factor RESEARCH_SCORE_FACTOR apply only to accumulated research points
    Fixed gameplay rule, bombarding a colony will leave at least 1 population as the last possible target
    Planet biomes have been overhauled to increase the disparity between biomes, particularly when it comes to available food
    Reduced Silicoid growth rate further to bring it more inline with food-based growth rates
    Updated Silicoid personality traits (primarily used by AI to determine how they interact with other races)
    Rebalanced share charts
    Command Points discount added to small ships
    Research treaty cost changes
    Toxic Processor, Gravity Generators and Planetary Radiation Shield buyout restriction removed
    Added a global value for initial colony food supply, to avoid citizens dying in the first turn on unsustainable colonies
    Restored Full Claiming of controlled systems, whether I have a colony in there or not to support the new Alliance system
    Removed Food flat bonuses from colony base
    Rebalanced Offensive Pact and Defensive Pact evaluation, considering strategic importance
    Changed PEACE Diplomatic Status to NEUTRAL
    Added NEUTRAL Diplomatic Status need for Non-Aggression Pact
    Changed the way Combat Chances are shown to make them more predictable for the player
    Changed research treaty cost
    Production cost for Toxic Processor increased from 80PP to 160PP
    Production cost for Gravity Generators increased from 100PP to 160 PP
    Production cost for Planetary Radiation Shield increased from 145PP to 185 PP
    Changed Economic victory so the condition takes into account the size of the galaxy and changes accordingly
    Amoeba and Squid now approach within melee distance and try to stay at that distance
    Behaviour: Orion's guardian tries to fight and Blink away to recharge his shields
    Added special targeting options for the special modules
    Power Boost Special for Military Outpost
    Added Hold action
    Basic intro transitions to avoid starting directly in abstract view
    Fix for Weapon Ranges
    Several UI updates to buttons and controls
    Anti Cloaking device added
    Added different deploy position for defenses/outpost structures and fixed opening move when the structure is an outpost
    Rate Of Fire battle pacing revamp + AutoFire feedback improved
    New Bomb Weapons for Space Monsters
    Height projection lines not drawn if ship is concealed
    Added Artemis System network, Phasing Cloak and Cloaking Device
    When you end an audience, you are now sent back to the diplomacy screen rather than the galaxy screen
    Reduced the rate at which the AI will offer gifts
    Removed Colony Cessions from Deal Feedback in Trade Table, when not negotiating Cease Fire
    Fear value now exists only if enemy is actually afraid
    Afraid status is now set if race feels threatened
    Unfair deals require a difference of at least 1000 credits before being evaluated as demands
    User Interface
    When clicking on a victory condition in the Path to Victory, it now flips to a new pane that displays information on what is contributing to your score for that victory type
    Espionage risk assestment is now indicated before a mission
    Improvements for race skills icons
    Workers can now be moved in bulk
    Added armor count to bombing estimation
    Added YELLOW color for "balanced" compare bar for combat chances
    Hide Disposition and Info if Race is defeated
    Added subtitles to GNN
    Fixed tooltip context on uncolonized planets
    Added Weapon Types to weapons descriptions
    Added Resource tooltips
    Added feedback for bombing and fighting in Starmap
    Breakthroughs are now Tech based and can show multiple techs when stolen / found in anomalies / traded
    New EULA design
    New Terran Emperor Spanish LA
    Ambient sounds for all races added to audiences
    Fixes on Play/Stop Ambience Music in Audience
    New shaders and new materials for holograms.
    New Monsters modules added (Squid, Dragon, Eel, and Amoeba)
    Bug Fixes
    Fix for LOC-264 System tags are empty in Korean localization
    Fixed Czech not being selectable (title was overlapping the dropdown row blocking the mouse)
    Fixed total Colonies in Score
    Alliance Diplomatic Status being shown as Peace.
    Fixed Very Hard difficulty not appearing in Match Setup
    [Linux] Fixed materials for for Klackon & Alkari mentats
    Fix for The "Ultraplanar Dimorphic Prospector is complete" has an error on it's key
    Fixed several Blur issues
    Fix for Clear unique buildings when a revolted colony returns to its civilization control
    Fix for Mrrshan empress Council win fix
    Fix for Klackon emperor council fix
    Fixed Timeline issues
    Fix for Long names overlap Multiplayer players amount
    Fix for Race card changes to none on match setup
    Fix for missing automerge action when user selects disengage in a node
    Fix for Star Bases have no Weapons:
    Reduced Hull Class on all Planetary Defenses (4/5/6 -> 4)
    Increased Hull Size (300/450/800 -> 450/600/800)
    Removed several Special Systems from Planetary Defense BPs
    Estimated Effective Space for each Structure: 70/180/290 (After Drive, Shields, Specials and PDs)
    Fix for severe fps drop in Ship Design screen
    Fix for Retreat now analyzes its chances using ALSO the Shield Integrity, not just Hull Integrity
    Fix for Capital tooltip text overlaps a button on Build at planet screen in Russian localization
    Fix Candidates Controllers of Mrrshan, bulrathi, Darlok, Human and Terran Emperors. Tie animations on the left side weren´t working
    Fix for Validation of share charts to read relationship in the right direction
    Fix for Bad citizen allocation when dragging to blocked tiles
    Fix for 4K display issues, Strategy Controls and Tactical Controls buttons scale wrong
    Fix for Hull Capacity points do not refresh when removing weapon. Points are calculated using the previous values taking into consideration the weapon that was removed
    fix for After using Active Specials you will retreat
    Fix for Multiple combats on same turn by same races caused a SoftLock
    Fix for Player is able to exploit 'Vote for' while trading with AI
    Fixed EULAS
    Fix to allow civilian ships to guard over nodes
    Fix for incompatible perks.
    Fix for Planetary stock exchange
    Timeline/Path to victory bug fix
    Custom Race - Lithovore trait cost
    Fixed a crash in multiplayer after player leaves the game and is replaced by AI.
    Fix for All passive specials except Wide Area Jammer have Cooldown and Range in these special modules tooltips.
    Fix for Troop Transport Description Update (English and Spanish LA)
    Fix for colonial taxes no longer depend on the presence of a building, feature was disabled.
    Fix for After Pirate Base destruction, Pirate Raider loses control and stays at the same place and do not perform any actions.
    If no DLC defined, dlcs are available by default
    Fix for Admiral Victory Chances evaluation for Retreat now uses REAL hull Integrity instead of Strategy's HP.
    Fixed AI issue when ETA is 0 when calculating Building Score
    Fixed AI issue with System Unique buildings not being properly considered when scoring them
    Fixes for intro cinematics when colonizing
    Fix for softlock when abandoning a battle
    Fix for open Borders & Alliance will not allow colonization in systems where I already am
    Fix for hide action buttons while fleet movement
    Fix for Empire TopBar not becoming visible after Tutorial Match
    Fix for Scientific victory building progression. Buildings of 2nd and 3rd stages now upgrades the previous one
    Fixed Stealthy perk having the wrong value
    Fixed Automated Repair Unit interceptors beams 'fire' at the center of tactical battlefront after passing the half of the battlefront
    Fixed The ships models disappear after using the Timeline
    Fixed It is possible to spin the ship model on the Blueprint Slot Editor screen
    Fixed Disengage button still active after fleet movement
    Get Chances Against now doesn't throw an error if provided with only civilian ships. Just returns a "0% winning chance"
    Prevented Retreat to same node
    Fix options issues for 4k displays
    Fix for Colony Ship, Space Factory, Scout, Interplanetary Security transmitter and Global DNA scanner holograms

    Patch (09 июня 2016)

    Fixed issues with Automated Repair Unit that prevented it from working
    Fixed issues with Meklar audio
    Fixed output_log logging messages incorrectly

    Patch (24 мая 2016)

    Today marks the release of version 44.4, known as Early Access phase 4. The focus of this build was polish and improvements based on your feedback, so read on for the patch notes! We will have a progress update from the dev team later today, so stay tuned for that.
    Starting Age option added to match setup (Options: Pre-warp, Post-Warp and Advanced)
    Production speed and Population growth speed options added to Advanced section of match setup
    Savegames are now ordered by date
    Added new galaxy model to reduce brightness of the core
    Removed mouse drag in match setup
    Added new text to the GNN news ticker
    Added Host Migration timeout (15 seconds) to multiplayer and an error message to allow players to continue the game in single player mode
    Optimized batch rendering; Reduced vert counts drastically improving performance in lower end systems
    Fixed issue where Quick match AI players were not being properly loaded, resulting in only AI present regardless of Galaxy size
    UI tweaks for both tactical and ship design tooltips
    Added graphical indicator for non-assimilated pop in colony management
    Fixed an issue in Ubuntu that prevented the user changing resolution when in windowed mode.
    Fixed an issue with Ubuntu that prevented users to switch to full screen (this is a partial fix as Full screen is only working at the monitor's native resolution).
    Gameplay & Balance
    Colony ship, Troop Transport, Civilian Transport and Space Factory blueprints are now auto-upgraded.
    Moved one of the Technological Victory buildings from Moleculartronics to Multi-Dimensional Physics technode
    Re-balanced planet composition (improved algorithm for diminishing returns)
    Silicoid Population growth speed reduced
    Uber-planets have been adjusted to play more like the Gaia biome
    Races with Uber-planet perk now start the game in a planet with the Biome they can Uber-terraform
    Additional wormholes added to Circular Large and Circular Huge galaxies
    Troop Transports no longer remove marines from the colony
    Increased minimum number of shares desired by races for better balance of the GMF
    Diplomacy balance update to improve strategic decision-making of AI
    Made it less likely that the AI will reject reasonable deal proposals
    Tech trades: Made it less likely that the AI will also offer credits as part of trade
    Improved analysis for Candidate Ally selection (both Defensive & Offensive)
    Tech can now only be traded with races with which you have a good disposition
    Acquire Data mission now reveals all current colonies of target
    New mission: Steal Charts
    New functionally allows queuing future missions
    Added queue info to spy mission description
    Overall missions duration adjusted
    Revolt mission effect now last 20 turns
    The camera no longer automatically changes zoom level or centers on a spy when selecting them
    A "spy location" button has been added to the Espionage window allowing you to quickly switch the camera to the colony the spy is located at
    Artificial Intelligence
    Improved efficiency for Production
    Improved offensive and defensive strategies
    Improved planetary ratings and potential colonization awareness
    Improved Engage command to allow for multiple actions in the same turn (i.e. Engage and Bombard)
    Defensive fleets now take into account immediate hostiles and empire under threat scenarios
    Uses radars to determine settlement orbital defenses if possible
    Added Blockade and EngageToBlockade targets
    Changed engage distance for bombarding pirate settlements from Distant to Neighbors
    User Interface
    New multiplayer top bar added
    Improved Match Setup screen
    Improved Ship Design Screen
    Race information panel added to Audience screen
    Improved Espionage screen
    Improved Invest pop-up
    Fixed Build pop-up alignment and added minor improvements
    Establish Embassy deal renamed to Accept Embassy
    Range Dissipation and Armor Penetration now affect Weapon Damage
    Increased the size of battlefields
    Fixed multiple bugs and Improved Overall performance
    Fixed several modifier bugs and reworked the Continuous Fire mod
    Added a simple Tactical Tutorial
    Implemented AI Groundwork for Opening Moves and added new Targeting Profiles
    Fixes and tweaks on tactical intro
    Ships no longer attempt flanking maneuver against structures
    Reduced size of Pirate Ship collision box by 50%
    Fix for collision check parameters for asteroids and added a safeguard condition to choose which behavior to use
    Added a base accuracy for energy weapons
    Re-balanced DPS and Ship Survivability
    Ship Design
    Tooltip upgrade showing HULL SPACE USED.
    Fix for creating new ships, now the screen handles the info properly
    Fix for attack rating scale factor
    Fixed typos and made improvements in weapon and module descriptions
    Several fixes on dialogues and descriptions
    Sounds Effects
    Meklar Emperor SFX added
    Emperors' audience SFX added
    Audio notifications for Spies added
    More audience sounds added and updated for all races
    Notable Bug Fixes
    Fixed exception caused by selecting Build on a Worker Ship when is about to merge with another ship.
    Fixed softlock when ordering a Spy to Hold.
    Fixed a softlock in the tutorial after switching planets with the keyboard arrows.
    Fixed the Buy button not always working properly.
    Fixed freeze when trying to use the "Stasis Field" special (special not yet implemented)
    Fixed the battle with the Orion Guardian lasting forever when simulating certain scenarios.
    Fixed the emperor's voice not stopping when skipping the Council
    Fixed bug in Tech tree that caused some Tech Nodes to appear as locked when they were in fact available
    Fix for tactical weapon tooltips and combat speed tooltips from enemy ships
    Optimization fixes to Navigation Caches and AI_CanTravelTo/Fleet's FindPath
    Fix for items missing when upgrading blueprints
    Fixed incorrect Pollution perks descriptions
    Fix for a blueprint sometimes becoming overweight after autoupgrading
    Fixed two AI asking for Share Charts at the same time
    Fix for diplomatic deals spamming when the first one is invalid
    Fixed update for blueprints not showing when discovering a new computer
    Crash on early game when reaching unknown civilizations
    Fixed biological bombs so they don't affect Attack Rating

    Patch (29 апреля 2016)

    Today we've released a patch for Master of Orion that addresses many of the issues you've reported since Early Access 3 began on April 22nd. Please keep the feedback coming, and let us know if you're still experiencing issues with the game after today's patch.
    - Increased the size of Circular Huge galaxies (95 stars to 125)
    - Fixed soft lock when invading a colony with only transports
    - Increased perceived value of Shared Charts and Trade tech
    - Beams were behaving erratically after optimization
    - Fixed a bug that lowered Minor Civilizations disposition when colonizing anywhere
    - Mac: Fixed a Fatal Error when clicking the Invest button in the Empire Management Screen
    - Fixed the local security bonuses formula
    - Removed pirates around AIs until anti Pirate tactics are implemented (Temporary Fix)
    - Fixed several bugs that prevented AI from building the most appropriate class of ships as required
    - Diplomatic AI will accept deals that have a net 0 effect
    - Diplomatic AI will use same primitive to estimate how many stars as the Audience module to determine if it's available or not for Shared Charts treaty
    - Improved afraid status evaluation during negotiations
    Visual Improvements
    - Gas clouds and Asteroids FX revamp
    - Replaced colony ships during intro cutscene
    - Replaced Silicoid home planet for intro cutscene
    - Fixed Silicoid Crystal shader blur
    - Fixed Silicoid lighting in Diplomacy Screen
    - The AI now correctly judges deals that it proposed with the "What will make this deal work" option
    - The AI now will accept fair deals with 0 net effect
    - Fixed null WarInfo and LogError messages
    - Fixed afraid enemies accepting all trades for only 1 BC
    - Fixed stealing technologies message showing to all races and not just the thief
    - Fixed tech stealing showing techs from the player instead of the enemy
    - Updated espionage targeting reticle
    - Different input schemes for selecting agents and giving orders
    Tactical Mode
    - Several performance optimizations
    - Increased overall pirate weapons DPS (it was yielding 0 Att Rating)
    - Slightly buffed Pirate Frigate HP
    - Fixed the Missile Camera endless looping sound
    Ship Design
    - Fixed issue where excluding modifiers where selectable
    - Fixed Ship Designs list not docking correctly leaving the last designs out of the screen
    - Module list scrollbar was not positioned correctly and was overlapping the modules info
    - Fixed unachievable economic victory in two player skirmishes
    - Fixed empty tooltip for allies when war is declared to a member of an alliance
    - Fixed game loading issues
    User Interface
    - Added full GMF Shares Exchange functionality to Audience screen.
    - Added new targeting reticule for selecting planets.
    - Fixed top bar not showing in the Research Screen.
    - Fixed soft lock when using Right and Left Keys to cycle in the Planet Screen.
    - Fixed Shares graphic not showing the right info on Invest pop-up.
    - Fixed several GNN dialogs in Russian.

    Patch (22 апреля 2016)

    New playable races: Silicoid and Darlok
    Espionage: Train spies and assign them to offensive and defensive missions
    Minor Civilizations: interact with non-starfaring races to gain rewards, including influencing your diplomatic and economic victory paths
    New Victory condition: Fill your coffers and claim economic supremacy by controlling the Galactic Monetary Fund
    Weapon Miniaturization: Improve your legacy weapons by making them smaller and cheaper
    New galaxy size: HUGE
    More AI improvements
    Improved Multiplayer
    Improved Tactical Battles
    Improved overall balance: Better suited for both tall and wide empires and with a smoother progression in the late game
    Improved performance (faster turn processing and less hickups when zooming in and out of the galaxy)
    New and improved GNN gags
    By popular demand, we added the option to mute your advisors while still retaining other voiceover audio
    Over 400 bug fixes
    Improved GNN animations and environment
    New GNN Events added
    Miniaturization added for all weapon types and bombs
    Replaced Military Power score with Attack (average DPS) and Defense (effective hit points) ratings
    New Espionage feature added
    Security (Espionage-related) added to Capitol and Government Support Facility
    New Tutorial Match added
    Improved weapon modifiers are now unlockable through the tech tree progression
    Improved performance: Turn processing
    Improved performance: Diplomacy audiences
    Improved performance: Memory management
    Improved performance: Framerates
    Added support to show multiple GNN events in same turn
    Several diplomatic dialogues updated
    Blockade income is no longer affected by empire modifiers
    Visual Improvements
    Added new Stellar Converter cutscene for destroying a planet
    Improved emperor holograms on Diplomacy Screen
    New ship models for transports and colony ships added for each race
    New ship models for transports and colony ships on the galaxy map
    Gameplay Balance
    Planet population capacity increased by 4 for each planet size
    Rebalanced planetary Biomes (adjusted: total food, available cells and diminishing returns)
    Rebalanced planetary mineral richness (adjusted: total production output, available cells)
    The multiplier for successive terraforming projects on the same planet has been increased, making it more difficult to terraform the poorer biomes to Terran and Gaia
    Introduced many additional “choice required” technologies in the tech tree
    Redistributed food buildings along the tech tree to smooth out progression and make food more important in late stages of the game
    Rebalanced Galaxy ages
    Uber Planets have been rebalanced to be more similar to the Terran biome
    Colony ship production cost increased for improved pacing
    Races with Uber Planet trait now start the game on their corresponding Uber Planet
    Racial Traits
    We’ve completed a major balance pass on racial traits. Below are the traits for each race as of In Development Phase 3.
    Homeworld specials: Artifacts
    +25% Beam defense
    Ship combat speed bonus
    Ship travel speed bonus
    Physics starting tech
    Large homeworld
    Rich homeworld minerals
    +25% ground combat rating
    High Gravity tolerance
    +25% Beam defense
    Physics starting tech
    -25% assimilation power
    +10% Security
    -10% Mission duration
    Ship improvement: Stealth (ships can get closer to enemies before being detected)
    Government starting tech
    +10% security
    +25% BC from Trade Treaties
    +25% BC from Trade Goods
    Improved Negotiations
    Improved Disposition
    Government starting tech
    Cavernous homeworld
    Uber Planet: Cavernous
    Poor homeworld minerals
    +50% Food from population
    +25% Production from population
    Biology starting tech
    -50% Food consumption
    +25% Production from population
    +10% Morale
    Ship auto-repair enabled
    Large homeworld
    Grassland homeworld
    Uber Planet: Grassland
    +25% ground combat rating
    Extended Barracks
    Engineering starting tech
    Small homeworld
    Homeworld specials: Artifacts
    +50% Research from population
    -25% ground combat rating
    Low Gravity tolerance
    Government starting tech
    Tropical homeworld
    Uber Planet: Tropical
    -25% Research from population
    +25% population growth
    -25% Pollution generation
    Biology starting tech
    Large homeworld
    Inferno homeworld
    Uber Planet: Inferno
    -25% Research from population
    Does not consume Food
    Does not generate Food
    Terran Khanate
    -20% ship cost
    +25% Beam attack
    Increased Marine training rate
    +20% Command Points
    Engineering starting tech
    Artificial Intelligence
    Improved Research AI efficiency
    Improved Production AI efficiency (Better handling for new colonies)
    Improved Deal evaluation
    Improved threat evaluation
    Local War AI: Now your enemies will decide to go to war for strategic targets
    Improved invasion tactics
    Colony ships are now escorted by military ships when threats are nearby
    Changed colonization logic so that it considers shared systems
    Improved Space Pirates AI
    User Interface
    Production queue visibility is now stored in saved game
    Improved Ship Design screen
    Added Disable Advisor option in options menu
    Production queue visibility is now stored in turn info
    Several fixes and tweaks for tactical UI
    New NEW YEAR animated notification when starting a new turn
    Updated colony ships thumbnails
    Scrollbar has been re-skinned
    Base icon for fleets now scale with camera distance (like ship icons)
    Added many new tooltips across UI elements in the game
    Added new icons to Notifications
    Added Income from blockades on Empire Economy tooltip
    Several minor UI tweaks
    Tactical Mode
    New special systems: Lightning Field, Plasma Web, Tractor Beam, Warp Dissipator and Wide Area Jammer
    Improved Admiral AI (now uses match speed, and takes into account planetary defenses)
    Improved fleet deployment
    Auto Upgrade now considers modifiers in weapon slots
    Added abstract representation for clearer understanding of the battlefield when zoomed out
    New option added: reset camera on pause (on by default)
    New hazard: Nebulae (jams missiles but blocks shield regeneration when ships are in them)
    Combat Numbers revamped
    Added Automated Repair visual effects
    Blackhole now affects asteroids
    Missile Accuracy now configurable on a per-missile basis
    Improved balance on range dissipation damage for lasers and beams
    After-battle combat briefing now animates damaged/destroyed ships
    Added bombard and invade validation (specially for multiplayer)
    Removed UI lock while waiting for players
    Turn time limit added (this is a work in progress)
    Enabled Invite Friends button in match setup
    Several stability-related fixes
    New ambience sounds for colonization cutscenes
    Added Terran Khanate audios for GNN
    Asteroids sounds added
    Various sound effects added to UI
    Notable Bug Fixes
    Bugfix on Galactic Council vote value
    Bugfix for endless Processing Turn occurs when submitting turn after having max Pollution value on Uber Planet
    Trade treaties now will deduct the cost on both parties
    Softlock Bugfix when the AI attacked even after peace treaty was accepted
    Bugfix on memory attacked on War Declaration
    Bugfix when AI evaluate offer or demand deal Items on deal
    Bugfix when being in Truce with a race AI is still cable to threaten to attack demanding something, howeveriIf player declines the demand the war won't be declared
    Fixed combat screen sending results multiple times
    Bugfix: when game goes into a softlock after retreating
    Bugfix: Bombarding unfinished outposts
    Bugfix: Softlock when Enemy AI invades player
    Bugfix: ESC during tactical battle
    Bugfix: Using time compression resulted in some out of syncs
    Bugfix: A player is able to destroy other race's ships without declaring war
    Bugfix for locked multiplayer next turn button
    Bugfix on match setup when updating game information for lobbies
    Crash fix on match setup
    Patch (06 апреля 2016)
    Fixed a crash on tactical combat when in large numbers of ships are participating.
    Fixed: the player is now able to retreat during tactical battles.
    Fixed several issues with Weapon Modifiers not working or not showing appropriate feedback .
    Fixed: Production carry-over not working after buyout.
    Fixed a soft-lock when pressing ESC while seeing Orion's defeat dialogue.
    Fixed: discovering "Mega fluxers" now upgrade ships designs correctly.
    Updated Custom races button.
    Fixed: Several localization fixes.
    Fixed: fade in added to the Terran diplomacy screen.
    Fixed: the branch-able tech node was showing null tooltips.
    Fixed: the FLAG checkbox was not working and was overlapping planet info.
    Fixed: Production carry-over not working after buyout.
    Fixed: removed "Heightened Intelligence" research bonus when population is on strike.
    Improved Terran and human Diplomacy background effects (holograms).
    Fixed issues with Terran race's materials.
    Some other minor bug fixes.

    Patch (06 апреля 2016)

    Fixed a crash on tactical combat when in large numbers of ships are participating.
    Fixed: the player is now able to retreat during tactical battles.
    Fixed several issues with Weapon Modifiers not working or not showing appropriate feedback .
    Fixed: Production carry-over not working after buyout.
    Fixed a soft-lock when pressing ESC while seeing Orion's defeat dialogue.
    Fixed: discovering "Mega fluxers" now upgrade ships designs correctly.
    Updated Custom races button.
    Fixed: Several localization fixes.
    Fixed: fade in added to the Terran diplomacy screen.
    Fixed: the branch-able tech node was showing null tooltips.
    Fixed: the FLAG checkbox was not working and was overlapping planet info.
    Fixed: Production carry-over not working after buyout.
    Fixed: removed "Heightened Intelligence" research bonus when population is on strike.
    Improved Terran and human Diplomacy background effects (holograms).
    Fixed issues with Terran race's materials.
    Some other minor bug fixes.

    Patch (26 марта 2016)

    Greetings Explorers,
    We hope that you are enjoying the second stage of Master of Orion Early Access!
    We found some issues that we wanted to fix as soon as possible so we worked hard to do a quick Hotfix today.
    Fixed Issues
    Fixed Support for offline mode on Steam
    Fixed endless black screen where loading save games for the first time without launching a match beforehand
    Fixed broken diplomacy screen on some configurations
    Fixed issue where a significant FPS dropdown occurs during turn submit processing on the Large map size on certain game phase
    Fixed several issues and exploits regarding loading and the excellence victory condition
    Pressing Tab during tactical while AI fleet no longer makes control panel of the selected ship to appear
    Fixed an error that seldom appears when attempting to join a multiplayer lobby
    Fixed In-game EULA Overlapping
    Fixed multiple cases of "endless processing turn" that occurred
    Fixed: Monsters do not spawn on asteroid belts anymore
    Known Issues
    Battle briefing screen may contain wrong information when a pirate fleet attacks a player's planet
    A player might be able to see an anomaly but not be able to travel to it the required system is not revealed
    A fleet is able to move after performing Destroy a planet action

    Patch 42 (25 марта 2016)

    Greetings Explorers,
    Master of Orion Early Access 2 is now live. Read on for the patch notes, but first here is a note from the development team:
    Изначально опубликовано NGD Studios:
    Hello Explorers and welcome to Master of Orion, Early Access - Stage 2!
    We are very happy to release this update, and move forward in our Early Access program. As you will see this version is packed with a lot of improvements, many of which were only possible thanks to your amazing feedback.
    Again, please remember that our game is still in development, some changes may be subject to further review.
    We are eager to get more of your feedback!
    Three new playable races: Klackon, Meklar and Terran Khanate
    Improved Artificial Intelligence
    Difficulty levels introduced
    Custom Race creation enabled
    Improved and rebalanced racial perks
    Improved tactical battles
    New victory condition: Technological
    Revamped combat screen
    Support for Mac OS X (Not optimized yet, please take a look at our recommended specs)
    Text localization support for: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese
    Over 350 Bug Fixes
    Detailed Changes
    Three new playable races: Klackon, Meklar and Terran Khanate
    Klackon Traits (Tireless, Uncreative, Hive-minded)
    Homeworld Minerals: Poor
    Uber Planet: Cavernous (transforms from Arid)
    +50% Food from Population
    +25% Production from Population
    Starting Tech: Biology
    Meklar Traits (Industrious, Erratic, Unpredictable)
    -50% Food Consumption
    +25% Production from Population
    Ship Auto Repair Enabled (instantly repairs after combat)
    Starting Tech: Physics
    Terran Khanate Traits (Hard, Determined, Violent)
    -20% Ship Production Cost
    +25% Beam Attack
    +20% Command Points
    Starting Tech: Engineering
    Support for Mac OS X (Not optimized yet, please take a look at our recommended specs)
    Custom Race creation enabled
    New victory Condition: Technological Victory
    Improved ship auto-upgrade
    Improved tooltips for morale
    Added missing holograms in Breakthrough (research) screen
    Gameplay Balance
    Racial Perks have been re-assigned and re-balanced
    Alkari - New trait: Ship Combat Speed Bonus
    Bulrathi - New trait: +25% Ground Combat Rating
    Human - New traits: +25% Trade Treaties bonus; Improved Disposition from diplomacy
    Psilon - New trait: -25% Ground Combat Rating
    Sakkra - -25% Food Consumption trait replaced with +50% Population Growth
    Research progression and pacing has been rebalanced, especially for the midgame and endgame
    Deep Sea Cooling research bonus changed from +25% to +3 and moved to Advanced Engineering (tier 3)
    Moon Laboratory research bonus changed from +4 to +6
    Improved galaxy generation to increase differentiation of star colors and planets over different galaxy ages
    Ships are now upgradable and repairable when orbiting all owned colonies and outposts, as well as allied colonies
    Added difficulty levels: Easy, Average, Hard and Very Hard (Average being the one where the AI is playing with the same economical benefits as the human player)
    Improved Jump Gates: now built by Space Factory at Warp Points, moved earlier in the tech tree (from tier 7 to tier 6), and travel speed when using them doubled
    Re-balanced Racial Biases
    Vast improvements on differentiation of races (bonus/malus, strategy, diplomacy, etc.)
    Enabled 8 races for Circular Large galaxy (was 6 because the races restriction for EA1); Spiral currently remains limited to 6
    Music and Voice Over has been properly balanced
    Artificial Intelligence
    Fixed bug in AI asking for invalid technologies
    Fixed OffensivePact send WarDeclaration in Client and DespiseBreakPromise check
    Improved colonization behavior: Now the AI is able to manage multiple Colony ships at the same time and its colonization schemes are not hindered by its war efforts
    Improved war preparation: Defensive and offensive analysis has been improved
    vastly improved production
    Improved Strategic analysis: AI will make more decisions based on chances of obtaining different victory conditions
    Improved Strategic analysis finetuning of potential targets for war
    Improved handling of multiple war fronts
    Performance optimization in engage task
    Improved combat analysis: New formula for estimating relative fleet strength
    Defensiveness personality trait now used in defense formula
    Tactical Mode
    Monsters collision/avoidance boxes fixed
    Fixed Space Dragon 3D mesh
    New Combat Screen with detailed information on fleets
    Pause as a mechanic: Tactical battles start in paused mode in order to make the important initial tactical decisions
    Fixed range feedback on tooltip and overlay
    Size of pirate ships has been Increased
    Added civilian ships to tactical battle: They hold their ground at the back of the battlefield and flee if they get attacked
    Added Retreat option: Ships must reach the edge of the battlefield and warp out to successfully retreat
    Several fixes for tactical UI
    “Tactical” button replaced with “Take Command”
    ”Simulate” button replaced with “Auto-Resolve”
    Added Speed and Range Controls (Implementation, Integration into the game)
    Added Tactical Options (Pause on Options, Esc brings Options, Confirm Simulate on Leave, Populate Options Menu accordingly).
    Added Persistence to tactical options
    Fixed Facing, size and modifiers costs
    Intro improvements
    User Interface
    Changes in arrow icon and jump gates
    Animation changes on Main Menu and Single Player
    Added buildings list to manage structures
    Added UX components for speed and range controls
    Updated Invasion/Bombardment UI
    Added buttons to specify how many Troop Transports should be used on a given invasion
    New Icons added
    Animated Auto-cast feedback added
    Fixed a bug where the race name would repeat in the headline
    Fixed trading: Player is unable to request Exchange Tech when the player does not have technology for Exchange Tech
    Fixed State Machine: Some lines of dialogue where not being triggered as intended
    New localizations: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese
    Updated Localizations
    New changes on Game Credits screen
    Improved Audio Manager
    Improved Tactical mode sounds
    Improved Strategy mode sounds
    Several mixer updates, general click sound updated, "upgrade" button sound added and GNN music loop-able
    Dev Diary #2
    In support of the release of Early Access 2, we've also published the second dev diary with NGD Studios.
    Note: Footage captured on a development build; race traits shown do not represent the final race traits for Early Access 2.
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