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  • Учимся плавать. Четыре стиля / Learn To Swim-Total Immersion-Four Strokes Made Easy [1999 г., Плавание, DVDRip]

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    Учимся плавать. Четыре стиля / Learn To Swim-Total Immersion-Four Strokes Made EasyГод выпуска: 1999
    Вид спорта: Плавание
    Участники: Terry Laughlin
    Продолжительность: 82 мин
    Комментарий: Профессиональный (одноголосый)
    Язык комментариев: English
    Качество: DVDRip
    Формат: AVI
    Видео кодек: DivX
    Аудио кодек: MP3
    Видео: NTSC, 720х480, 29.97 fps, 778 Kbps, DivX 5
    Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, 192 Kbps CBR
    Этот DVDRip содержит два оригинальных видео, объединенные в один фильм.
    Это базовое видео поможет вам поймать ключевые движения и ритмы,
    которые связывают два стиля продольной оси (плавание вольным стилем(кролем) и плавание на
    ) и те, которые объединяют два стиля короткой оси (брасс и баттерфляй). Этот
    уникальный подход - изучение основ двух ударов сразу.
    Мы гарантируем, что это будет одним из самых ценных
    инструментов совершенствования техники плавания которые у вас могут быть.


    После обучения тысяч пловцов мы поняли, что ключевые позиции и движения, которые
    производят максимальный поток и непринужденность и в баттерфляе и в брассе так близко связаны, что они
    могут и должны быть изучены вместе, потому что они увеличивают и укрепляют друг
    Lesson One: Common Balance and Rotation Drills
    Learn to create the essential “wave” movement of breaststroke and butterfly by rhythmically rocking your body, not by kicking, preparing you to swim efficiently and effortlessly, with your whole body, rather than your arms and legs.
    Head-Lead Body Dolphin. Learn to undulate your entire body in a supple, relaxed “wave” motion and to use your head to convert a vertical wave into forward momentum. Then add breathing, without interrupting your core-body rhythm.
    Hand-Lead Body Dolphin. Learn to use your hands to “lengthen your vessel” and reduce drag.
    Pulse To The Corners. Learn to link the “catch” for both fly and breast to core body power.

    Lesson Two: Stroke-Integration Drills for Butterfly
    Build an efficient, fluent Butterfly stroke from the foundation developed in Lesson One.
    Stoneskipper. Learn to maintain a seamless core-body “wave” rhythm as you add the butterfly armstroke, then the butterfly breath.
    Body Dolphin Butterfly. Learn a relaxed, sweeping butterfly recovery to complement your seamless undulating core-body rhythm.
    EZ Fly. Put the whole stroke together progressively so you avoid practicing “butterstruggle.”
    Lesson Three: Stroke-Integration Drills for Breaststroke
    Build an efficient, fluent Breaststroke from the foundation developed in Lesson One.
    Heads-Up Pulling. Learn to keep your pull compact and your head steady, and to return your hands quickly to full extension.
    Two-Pulse Breaststroke. Learn to connect a compact, efficient armstroke skills with your body dolphin and to use your core body as your rhythm and power source.
    Two Up, One Down. Link an efficient breast kick to the skills learned previously and to channel your momentum forward.
    One Up, One Down. Swim breaststroke with extra emphasis on long, super-streamlined glides in the most slippery position.
    Underwater Kick. Improve your kick efficiency by avoiding water resistance.
    Two Down, One Up. Learn to slip a long sleek bodyline through the smallest possible hole in the water
    Dolphin Breast. Learn to heighten your use of the body dolphin in each stroke cycle and make better use of core-body power.
    Lesson Four: Short-Axis Combinations
    Combine breast and fly drills and strokes to reinforce the natural link between them. Improve your sense of how to use “body-wave” for power and propulsion.
    Body-Dolphin Combo. Heighten your focus on the common short-axis motions of pulsing forward and breathing within the stroke.
    SA Combo Swimming. Alternates cycles of whole-stroke fly and breast. The fly cycles help improve the undulation in your breaststroke; the breast cycles help make your butterfly longer and more effortless.


    Как с Брассом и Баттерфляем, ключевые положения тела и движения, которые производят
    максимальный поток и непринужденность и в плавании вольным стилем и в плавании на спине, так
    близко связаны, что они могут и должны быть изучены вместе, потому что они
    увеличивают и укрепляют друг друга.
    Lesson One: Head-Lead Balance Drills
    These are the fastest way to learn balance and dramatically heighten body awareness. Without your arms to support and stabilize body position, the effect of how you position body parts or distribute your weight and mass is magnified. You understand and learn faster how to achieve optimal position.
    Basic Balance Connects you to the water’s energy and what it feels like when the water supports you.
    Balance On Your Back Further imprints how you’ll feel when the water supports you.
    Head-Lead Sweet Spot Introduces the most important balance position for long-axis strokes, and identifies the exact position in which you’ll start and finish all your long-axis drills.
    Active Balance: Looking Up Teaches you to rotate effortlessly from one balance position to another.
    Active Balance: Looking Down Establishes the timing and coordination you’ll use in all the drills that follow.
    Active Balance: Full Circle Heightens your sense of alignment and “vessel-shaping.”
    Lesson Two: Hand-Lead Balance Drills
    These take the organic sense of balance taught by head-lead drills and develop your sense of how optimal body position will feel as you swim.
    Hand-Lead Sweet Spot – Lengthen Your Vessel Introduces the key position for all subsequent long-axis drills; also the most important balance position for backstroke.
    Skating Position The most critical balance exercise for freestyle.
    Shark Fin Teaches you to maintain a long, clean, balanced position during the freestyle recovery so you continue slicing forward even when you’re not stroking.
    Lesson Three: Stroke-Integration Drills for Freestyle
    Build a Fishlike Freestyle from the foundation of skills and habits developed in the common long-axis balance and body-awareness drills.
    Stop-Stop-Switch Teaches you to connect your propelling armstroke to your rhythmically rotating core body. Also teaches you the stroke timing that helps you “swim tall” through the entire stroke cycle.
    Triple Switch The most seamless transition between freestyle drilling and freestyle swimming.
    Single-Arm Freestyle Our special version of single-arm drill uses the same timing and coordination as Stop-Stop-Switch to reinforce key Fishlike Swimming skills: side-balance, a long bodyline, and linking your armstroke to a powerful body roll.
    Lesson Four: Stroke-Integration Drills for Backstroke
    Build a Fishlike Backstroke from the foundation of the skills and habits developed in the common long-axis balance and body-awareness drills.
    Slide And Glide Provides a seamless transition from backstroke drilling to backstroke swimming. Also reinforces a complete, symmetrical, balanced body roll.
    Single-Arm Backstroke Links your armstroke to an effortless, complete, symmetrical body roll.
    Alternating Single-Arm Backstroke Provides a simple and seamless transition from drilling to swimming.
    Lesson Five: Long-Axis Combination Drills
    Combine free and back, both drilling and swimming, to make each stroke more fishlike. In both strokes, these drills build a stronger instinct for slipping a long, sleek, vessel through a tiny "hole" in the water.
    Sweet-Spot Combo Reinforces the common balance and alignment in freestyle and backstroke.
    LA-Combo Swimming Fully integrates both strokes to make them longer and more slippery, and to maximize body roll.
    LA-Combo Single Arm Provides the highest-order skill and coordination challenge of all LA Combo drills and completely integrates the armstroke with core-body rotation and rhythm.


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