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  • The Missing Manual - Preston Gralla - NOOK HD The Missing Manual [2013, PDF, EPUB, ENG]

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    NOOK HD The Missing Manual
    Год: 2013
    Автор: Preston Gralla
    Жанр: планшеты, электронные книги
    Издательство: O'Reilly Media
    ISBN: 978-1-449-35953-9
    Серия: The Missing Manual
    Язык: Английский
    Формат: PDF, EPUB
    Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
    Интерактивное оглавление: Да
    Количество страниц: 496
    Описание: You can do many things with NOOK HD right out of the box, but if you really want to get the most from your HD or HD+ tablet, start with this book. With clear instructions, full-color illustrations, and savvy advice from technology expert Preston Gralla, you’ll learn how to use email and the Web, watch movies and shows, play games, listen to music, and enjoy your personal ebook library.
    Как использовать "Нук" по полной - узнайте в этой книге.

    Примеры страниц


    The Basics
    Chapter 1 Getting to Know Your NOOK HD
    What Your NOOK HD Can Do
    A Quickie Look at the Hardware
    The NOOK Button
    Speaker and Volume Buttons
    Headphone Jack
    Power Button
    Sleeping, Locking, and Waking from Sleep
    USB Port, Connector, and Charger
    High-Resolution Color Touchscreen
    SD Slot
    Home Screen
    Chapter 2 Setting Up Your NOOK HD
    Charging Your NOOK HD
    Initial Setup and Connecting to a Network
    Registering Your NOOK HD
    Using and Troubleshooting WiFi
    Using Your NOOK HD at a Barnes & Noble Store
    Chapter 3 Using Your NOOK HD for the First Time
    Using Gestures to Control the NOOK HD
    The Keyboard
    The Status Bar
    Quick Settings
    The System Bar
    The Active Shelf
    Customizing Your Home Screen
    Returning Home
    Searching Your NOOK
    Chapter 4 Creating and Using Profiles
    Understanding Profiles
    Setting Up Profiles
    Using Profiles
    Editing Profiles
    Reading Books and Periodicals
    Chapter 5 Reading Books, Newspapers, Catalogs, and Magazines
    Opening a Book
    A Tour of the Book Reader
    Using the Table of Contents
    Sharing Your Reading
    Changing the Text and Display
    Selecting Text, Taking Notes, Highlighting Text, and More
    Searching in Books
    Reading Mode and Zooming in on Images
    Video Inside Books
    Tapping Links
    Reading PDFs
    Reading Magazines
    Reading Newspapers
    Reading Comic Books
    Reading Catalogs
    Using Scrapbooks
    Chapter 6 Reading NOOK Kids Books
    What Can NOOK Kids Books Do?
    Buying a NOOK Kids Book
    Reading a NOOK Kids Book
    Listening to “Read to Me” and “Read and Play” Books
    Record Reading a NOOK Kids Book for Your Kids
    Editing or Deleting a Recording
    Backing Up Your Recordings
    Managing Your Library
    Chapter 7 Buying Books, Magazines, and Newspapers and Managing Your Library
    Browsing and Searching for Books in the NOOK Shop
    Sampling and Buying Books
    Browsing and Buying Magazines and Newspapers
    Using the Library to Manage Your Books and Periodicals
    Using the Wish List
    Accessing Content on Your SD Card and NOOK HD’s Built-in Storage
    The Library on, PCs, Macs, and Mobile Devices
    Managing Your NOOK Account
    Chapter 8 Borrowing and Lending Books with LendMe and Your Local Library
    Both a Borrower and a Lender Be
    Lending and Borrowing Books with LendMe
    Seeing Your List of Lendable Books
    Lending a Book
    Borrowing a Book
    Borrowing Books from the Library
    Apps, Media, and Files
    Chapter 9 Streaming Media: NOOK Video, UltraViolet, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora
    Understanding Streaming Media
    Using NOOK Video
    Using UltraViolet
    Using Hulu Plus
    Using Netflix
    Using Pandora
    Chapter 10 Downloading and Using Apps
    Running Apps
    Managing and Deleting Apps
    Built-in NOOK Apps
    Getting Apps in the NOOK Shop
    Five Great Apps to Download
    Troubleshooting Apps
    Chapter 11 Music, Pictures, Video, and Documents
    Getting Files into Your NOOK
    Playing Music and Audio Files
    Using Gallery for Viewing Photos and Playing Video
    Working with Office Documents
    Chapter 12 Transferring Files Between Your NOOK HD and Your Computer
    Installing an SD Card
    Transferring Files to Your NOOK HD
    Troubleshooting Your Connection
    Finding Books Online to Transfer to Your NOOK HD
    Browsing and Managing Files on your NOOK HD
    The Web and Email
    Chapter 13 Surfing the Web
    A Tour of the NOOK HD’s Browser
    The Address Bar
    Navigating a Web Page
    Tapping Links
    Using Tabs
    History, Most Visited, and Saved Pages Lists
    Saving Online Images
    Web Pages Designed for Mobile Devices
    Online Privacy and Security
    Changing Your Home Page, Text Size, and More Settings
    Chapter 14 Using Email
    Setting Up an Account
    Reading Mail
    Replying to Messages
    Composing Email
    Managing and Searching Mail
    Managing Multiple Accounts and Advanced Email Options
    Understanding Gmail’s Organization
    Gmail’s Labels
    Getting Social
    Chapter 15 NOOK Friends, Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond
    What Can You Do with NOOK Friends?
    Getting Started with NOOK Friends
    Adding Friends to NOOK Friends
    Using Friends Activities
    Using About Me
    Using LendMe
    Linking Your NOOK HD to Facebook
    Linking Your NOOK HD to Twitter
    Using Facebook and Twitter on Your NOOK HD
    Chapter 16 Managing Your Contacts
    Getting Started with Contacts
    Importing Facebook Contacts
    Creating a New Contact
    Searching and Browsing Contacts
    Advanced Topics
    Chapter 17 Settings
    Wireless & Bluetooth
    Account Settings
    Storage Management
    Device Information
    Chapter 18 Rooting Your NOOK
    Understanding Rooting
    What You Need to Know about the NOOK Software and Rooting
    Rooting Your NOOK Temporarily with a microSD Card
    Rooting the Built-in Flash Memory
    Appendix Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    Unfreezing a Frozen NOOK
    Fixing SD Card Woes
    Cleaning Your NOOK’s Screen
    Updating the NOOK’s Software
    Warranty and Repair
    Where to Get Help
    NOOK Accessories
    Appendix File Formats
    Book Files, Microsoft Office Files, and Multimedia Files
    Appendix Visiting B&N with Your NOOK Tablet
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